Hammamas Towel Review

I love trying out new things and especially if they are a twist on things that you use every day. So today’s topic is a towel. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of you use towels. IMG_0566

Hammamas is a company who have a beautiful range of turkish cotton towels. They work closely with traditional weavers in rural Turkey and source only local Turkish cotton as it’s the best quality money can buy.  The result is lovely. I was truck by the bright colours when browsing the website and I chose the Clash Watermelon/Navy and Orange one.

I loved the colours because they didn’t strike me as colours that would normally go together, i like it because it was different!IMG_0571

When it arrived it came in a little waterproof plastic pocket with a zip and I thought how handy that would be on holiday, pop the towel in the pocket and pop it in your suitcase or beach bag. The towel does seem very thin and I wondered whether this would affect the absorbency.

I thought there was only one way to test them out, have a nice hot shower and get dried (don’t worry I have decided to be kind and not share any photos of me wither in the shower or wearing the towel!).

So after my lovely relaxing shower I jumped out and dried, and guess what the towel worked! It was absorbent, and it was soft and comfortable to use too.

It is a really good size measuring at 180cm by 100cm, so a similar size to your average bath towel! IMG_0572I am a definite new fan of the Hammamas Towel; I love the simplicity, the colours and the fact that it does it’s job. The towel is a real piece of quality and although I have been using it at home I would say it is the perfect holiday towel. It can be used as a turban for your hair, as a sarong, as a scarf and I am sure as much more.

Because is so thin and can be packed into it’s pocket, it won’t take much space or weight in your holiday suitcase and the thinness gives itself over to drying quickly too, so imagine as your dip in the pool that it will dry in the sun and be ready for when you need it!

I love my new towel and can’t wait to take it away with me on my next holiday!

I was sent the towel for the purpose of this review; all photos and words are my own and I remain honest at all times! 

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  1. That does look like it’d make a great holiday towel especially as it folds up so thinly! Love the zip up pocket too, great for travelling!

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