Oct 22

Health and Safety Gone Mad?

So today, Daddy, Monkey and Mouse head off to the swimming pool, something that has been a bit of a thing here since, well since what feels like forever!  Ok, since September when Monkey started school it has mostly been just Daddy and Mouse but on 5th October (so not that long ago) on an inset day the three of them made the trip together, anyway back to the point of the story…..

So today, Daddy, Monkey and Mouse head off to the swimming pool, the kids as normal were very excited, they love swimming with daddy, playing in the bubbles, even the three of them going down the slide together, so they roll up to the desk to pay……

In the meantime I am sat at work writing away and my phone rings, on the other end is an angry daddy and two very upset kiddies! They had been turned away from the pool, why? Because there is two kids and one adult, and health and safety says that one adult can only have one child….er, what?? Sorry Daddy you will have to tell me that again, I don’t understand! But no, this is what has happened…apparently one parent can not take two children (under 5) into the pool because ‘what if something happens?’!

So a parent who has been going weekly up until September with two children (and once again just over two weeks ago) can’t bring two children to the pool? A parent who does full time childcare whilst the other parent is at work can not take his children swimming alone (which is most likely due to the Parent and toddler swims being 9.30 in the morning!)? And What about a single parent with more than one child? Well, it seems the answer is no!

So at the end of this week when I am off work and we would like to take the children together, will we visit the same pool? No, we will take our business elsewhere, oh and will the new manager who has made this new rule be getting an email – Oh Yes!


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  1. Louise Lloyd

    Totally ridiculous! I have never heard of anything so silly – definitely a strongly worded email is needed. A parent should be able to take their children into a swimming pool, regardless of whether there are more than 1 child. Poor Legs and Mouse its so upsetting for them 🙁

  2. denfos258

    go girl, you tell them. xx

  3. Emma

    Simply ridiculous!! I hate H&S!!! It’s starting to really take the joys outta life!!

  4. lauracymft

    Thanks for joining up with the Britmums carnival. Our pool isn’t like this thankfully but one in another town from us is and it really is a pain in the bum. It totally isolates those single parents or parents who stay at home whilst the other is out working. I’m sure they’d like to take their kids swimming.

  5. Crystal Jigsaw

    Oh how absolutely pathetic. It’s seriously beyond a joke now and just isn’t acceptable anymore when children are missing out on having fun because of STUPID rules and regs.

    CJ x

  6. Heather

    OMG that’s awful. What happens if a mum and dad take the kids swimming together but they have three children under five?

  7. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Crazy, crazy, I have heard these stotries before, no one stopped me at my local though with 3 to 6 kids and me!

  8. Aida

    how rubbish is that? sometimes it feels companies use the Health and Safety excuse so they don’t have to hire the right amount of people. If they are concerned all they need is an extra lifeguard.Well done for protesting though, send that manager a letter and take your business elsewhere!

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