Heat Holders Tights – A Review

Tell me if I am wrong, but hasn’t it got cold!

Ok, i know thats what happens in winter, but my feet are really suffering with the cold at the minute, it is not unusual for me to sleep in socks or wear an extra pair in the day, just to get a little warmth in my tootsies!

Well, Heat Holders to the rescue, these lovely people sent me some Thermal tights to try out. They  are 140 denier and have a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating of 0.52. They promise a comfort gusset, soft brushed inner a great stretch and a high performance insulation against the cold.Tights 1The tights come in different colours and I was sent a lovely purple pair to try. They are nice and thick without being restricting, they look fab and (pleasingly) they are warm.

I don’t wear tights that often, as I am normally in trousers, but the soft finish on them means that I can wear them under trousers comfortably!

Tights 2

The best thing about these tights is they can pass for fashion tights, without giving away the fact you are wearing them for comfort and warmth! The lovely colours mean that on a Christmas Night out you can be dressed up and fight off the chills – how awesome is that!?

The box tells me that Heat Holders come in a wide range of products, socks, leggings and slipper socks; for men, women and children, will be definitely be looking for some more items for the whole family…..I could get used to having warm feet! Tights 3

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of tights for the purpose of this honest review


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  1. They look great – I always have cold legs and feet!

  2. Look fab, I’m always like an ice block!

  3. I want some! I’ve always got cold legs, feet, hands, nose, you name it.

  4. My step-daughter has tried the leggings and she was impressed 🙂

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