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There is something wonderful about being away from home with your family in a static caravan. Maybe it’s the home from home feel, maybe it’s all the ice cream and chips you eat or maybe it’s the really cheesy shows put on by the holiday park. Well I think it’s a little bit of all of these, but it is mostly the being away from day to day life with the people you love.

We ( Mr, Me, Legs and Mouse) have just got back from four nights in Hopton near Great Yarmouth and it was FAB!! We had so much fun, we swam, ate, played, built sandcastles, swam some more, drank, watched, cuddled and more! Being away from work and day to day worries just makes it even more special!

The children really enjoyed themselves, and their confidence bloomed. Legs loved getting down the front at the show and having a boogie, won a certificate at mini archery and even tried fencing!

Mouse didn’t like swimming when we first got in the pool, think it was a little noisy, but by the end of the week was happy to stand on her own and even tried swimming!! She also picked up new baby signs this week and got a new tooth!

I am truely blessed to have a wonderful hubby (who brought me wine and chocolate every night!) and two amazing kids!

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