Hotter #ShoesieTuesday Event

I have a confession to make, I hate shoe shopping! There I said it, I am a girl who hates buying shoes. I am sorry, I know i have just let down a big handful of shoe shopping enthusiasts.

When I was invited to a Hotter #ShoesieTuesday event a few weeks back I wondered whether I was the right person to go, I live in trainers and really struggle to find any shoes that i both like and find comfortable. I decided that I would go along and see whether they could combat my fear of shoes!

I was happy to find that a good friend of mine and some other lovely bloggers were going so it promised to be a good night.

On arrival we were greeted by very friendly smiley staff from the shop, the area manager and nibbles (which were very welcome after a hard day at work). We were left to our own devices to have a look around and try on any shoes we wanted.

At first I felt a bit like a fraud, I was stood in a shoe shop, surround by excited shoe lovers wondering what I had let myself in for! Then a lovely sales assistant called Jane had a chat with me, I told her how I felt and mentioned that I lived in trainers….her advice was to try on some of the trainers they had to see how they felt.

I tried on a great pair of plum star shoes from the active range, and do you know what?! They were lovely, lovely to look at and lovely to wear. It was a great way to ease me into shoe shopping.

N9s30Xug5WKSw4EeDYxfPCRna78-Wmz3otJuQ57SwbcWe were then lucky enough to hear more about Hotter, the company and the comfort concept! During the talk there was lots of mentions of the ‘Hotter moment’, I got the gist to be that once you had experienced your first hotter moment, you would fall in love with the pair of shoes that caused it and would become a massive fan of Hotter itself.

Did I believe it? I am not sure if I am honest!2sug2heysM-GiASbAJ3J7B7VSML3Dzs7kA17Uu44qXo

After we had all our info it was back to the trying on, I felt braver and started to try some shoes, things that I maybe wouldn’t have normally looked at but I thought I should give them a go…..iBh__3VnaxP5THYA3UCjQa_8w1RhDrLHE_EY6qLLD0M

…and then it happened, I spotted some boots (anyone who knows me, knows I never look at boots), the boots called to me. I picked it up and I called to Jane ‘can I try these please?’.  When Jane returned with a pair, I slipped them on and Oh My comfort…..I smiled!

I was informed this was my ‘hotter moment’ and to be honest it was, I went on to try lots of different things but kept coming back to the boots! They were instantly comfortable and they looked good too!

I had such a lovely evening and I even enjoyed shoe shopping, in fact I still smile now thinking about how lovely the staff were, how knowledgable and the fact they wanted to help. I smile at the fact I had a hotter moment and the Carmen came home with me! x7Hn2XH1YlI0_njmen99HfW0fCm8GhCAzihBZiq0voQ

I will do another post soon as to what the boots are like! But tell me…do you like shoe shopping? Have you had a hotter moment?


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  1. I adore shoe shopping, being stuck in a shoe shop for the evening trying on shoes sounds like heaven. Glad you found a pair you like, that are ultra comfy, those boots look great for the cold winter months – I bet you won’t want to take them off!

  2. I love shoe shopping. I love your boots you chose even more!

  3. I am an avid lover of all hotter shoes since experiencing my first hotter moment back in the summer…. enjoy!!

  4. i love hotter shoe! They are so comfortable!
    Your shoe look fab! Great choice!

  5. It sounds like a great event! How can anyone not love shopping for new shoes?! Your boots look really lovely.

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