Oct 18

I got a new job…..I think!

I recently had an interview, it was for a job I really wanted, a job I have aspired to, a job that would be a career, helping people, something I could be good at! Well I went through interview and waited….

…a week later I got a call, I did really well, was successful, was being offered a post. But then came the but, they didn’t know where I was going to be placed, so in turn that meant they didn’t know when I would start.

So I have a new job, but I struggle to tell people because the first thing they ask is where and then when…my answer? I don’t know!

I am in Limbo for now, but I am moving on…..I think


  1. pinkoddy

    Congratulations. What is it doing?

    1. Kelly

      Thank you! It is a role supporting families!

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