Jul 31

I want to be – Blossom Magazine Competition!

There has been an awesome competition launched this week in the Blossom Magazine and it is perfect for those of you with girls around the 5-8 year old mark!

The #IWantToBe campaign is asking young readers to submit a video entry of what they want to be when they grow up.Blossom I Want To Be Edition cover

Growing up I often changed what I wanted to be.  I remember for a long time I wanted to grow up to be a mum, I wanted to look after children and cook food and be the best mum ever.  After this I went through a lot of stages that lots of young girls do – I wanted to be a Vet, a teacher even a police officer.

On a couple of occasions I was told that I couldn’t do things, either I wasn’t clever enough or boy enough (that one may have come when I wanted to be a footballer for a very brief moment).

As I got a bit older I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer and I always said I wouldn’t  be a social worker;  the funny thing is, I now work in family support – very similar to social care (and nothing like a lawyer!).

Blossom I want to be a pilot

I want both my children to know that they can aspire to be anything, regardless of gender!  Mouse currently wants to be a bus driver, she decided when we got on a bus and it was a lady driver. Such a lovely smiley lady and Mouse decided that she wanted to talk to people and drive like her!

I think it is awesome that there is a magazine that encourages girls to aim for what they want to do,  Blossom features a different aspirational career in every edition to show girls they can be whoever they want to be – whether it’s an airline pilot, an author or a doctor.

So what do your little ones want to be? Are you what you aspired to?

Blossom I Want To Be

You have until 6th September to submit your video to the email address of hello@blossommagazine.co.uk  and one winner will be selected to win a VIP London family trip which includes one family ticket to ZSL London with a Meet the Meerkats experience; one Rainforest Café voucher worth £100; overnight accommodation in one family room at 3-star hotel, in Central London and a visit to Blossom HQ plus a Blossom Goody Bag.

The full terms and conditions are here, and are found in the edition of the magazine that is out now! Go get a copy and get entering.

I will be getting a magazine subscription in return for spreading the news about this competition, Mouse is going to be absolutely over the moon! 


  1. Eileen Teo

    Need to get my daughter to do it now! I love competition!

    1. MoolBoots

      Cool, bet it will be a great video!

  2. Fiona Martin

    This looks like a great magazine, perfect for my daughter. Will have to keep a look out for it in the shops.

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