Igloo Mania Review

Family time this week has mostly involved playing Igloo Mania; we love playing games so was very happy to give this one a test run and review it!Photo 14-08-2017, 21 55 55Igloo Mania is a game of steady hands, strategy and fun. In the box there is 64 blocks that build an igloo, there is a dome base and a dome guide (to make it easier for younger players to build), four ice picks for the players to use and Parka Pete who sits on top. The kids were too excited to play and ripped into it before i got to take photos of the contents still in there packaging.Photo 16-08-2017, 19 59 15

The idea of the game is to take a block using your ice pick and to not collapse the Igloo. If the igloo crashes down on your turn, you lose!  The Ice Blocks are numbered so that at the end of the game the player with the steadiest hands who has managed to take out the trickiest blocks will be the winner!Photo 16-08-2017, 20 04 17

Playing the game is easy, you take it in turns to remove ice blocks; using the ice picks that you hook into the slot, turn to lock and pull (gently of course!). But remember, don’t let Parka Pete fall! Set up is easy too, especially if you use the dome guide! The kids are able to set up and play on their own which is always a bonus in my eyes!

This is a cracking game of skill & tension, it is a lot of fun and has left us in fits of giggles. I have to be honest – the kids are better at it than I am, they have much steadier hands! I have lost…a lot!Photo 16-08-2017, 20 11 34

This game reminds me of games from my childhood – the likes of Kerplunk and Mr Pop; the type of game where the tension builds as you wait to see if something will drop, pop or fall! The type of game where the tension is part of the fun!

I think this a fab game; it is aimed at those 5 years old and above – I definitely think that 5 year olds would enjoy it and in our house, the 7, 9, and thirty somethings love it!

Mouse says

“This game is so much fun, it is easy for me and my brother to play and I want to play it again now!”

I am sure this will be coming out over and over again during our family time!


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the game to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

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