I had an interview this week and it made me think. Why are we put through these tortuous situations to prove that we can do a job, you know what I mean the nerves, the dressing up in clothes you probably wouldn’t normally wear, the sweatiness, and that is before you have to find the venue, appear confident, remember everything about yourself, probably complete a test, second guess what they actually want from you and pretty much stress yourself out for a while.

I am not sure this all put together creates the ideal situation for you to be able to promote yourself! Well it certainly doesn’t me!

Is there a better way? How would you recruit people?

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    • Gemma on May 22, 2011 at 07:32
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    Yes, know what you mean. And some people are better at blowing their own trumpet than actually doing a good job, aren’t they? But yes, how you would recruit without putting everybody through that ordeal… not sure!
    Anyway hope you got the job?

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