Ion LED Table Lamp

We all need a little light in our life, a little light and a lot of style!

At home we are trying to change little things in our home to give it that edge in prettiness, but we really only want items that look good, do what they should and don’t break the bank!

The Ion LED Table lamp from John Lewis is a chrome table lamp that is only about 6.5 inches tall.  It has an LED that you don’t need to change and it’s a sleek tube shape! I was surprised at it’s itty bitty size and was worried that it might not produce much light.

We have a couple of the traditional uplighters – long tall thin stem and a half bowl lamp shade on the top.  Can this miniature uplighter really match up to it’s taller counterparts?

So, what’s good about this little lamp?


Well actually for me one of the best bits is actually the size.  It’s small size means that it can slot in lots of places, even though it is a ‘table lamp‘ it looks just as perfect on a fireplace or a windowsill and isn’t too imposing like some of the traditional uplighters can be.

The lamp actually has a lovely atmospheric light that although it appears to be soft actually lights up the room quite well. I was worried such a small tube lamp would only light up the piece of ceiling directly above it, but I shouldn’t have worried.  It has a brilliant range, giving off lots of light and keeps the mood.

The other way in which this little light wins; is that it doesn’t have a bulb, it has an LED Light, which means you won’t find that  your bulb has gone, you don’t have a replacement and you are left in the dark!

This is actually a fantastic lamp and I am so pleased with it! It is definitely something that does what it should, is pretty and is value for money!


I have done this short video for you to see how the lamp looks in action

Disclaimer: I was sent this lamp for the purpose of the review, my opinions are 100% honest


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  1. Perfect for camping too.

    • Eileen Teo on September 15, 2013 at 09:53
    • Reply

    They look so stylish

  2. What a nice lamp – I haven’t seen anything like it before, it has so many uses!

  3. look really funky

  4. It is quite trendy isn’t it?

  5. Very compact and stylish – looks good.

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