Izziwizzi Playfest – Euro 2012

I am a regular attendee of the Twitter and Facebook Playfests run by Izziwizzi.co.uk. I love the opportunity to get together with like minded people, to talk about play, our families and cake!  The theme for playfest on 22nd (Twitter) and 24th (Facebook) May was Euro 2012, so, here is my round up!

Theme_Pack_Union_JackIt was the first week the UK had seen sun for quite some time, so all the playfesters were happy to tell all what they had been up to, a good share of visiting parks, paddling pools, garden play and even some Barbeques!

Al from Izziwizzi was then able to launch information about the second ever branded playfest, the response was all positive, and the excitement is building already – please do join in on 12th/14th June for more fun with Orchard Toys!

So onto the Football inspired chat…..

What favourite ball games did the playfesters love as children?  There was lots of Rounders, catch and football, some piggy in the middle and French Cricket, and even a mention for Kerby (throwing a football across the road trying to hit the kerb).

For ball games played with the kids now, rounders and piggy in the middle featured again. But that wasn’t all, there was lots of football inspired games, some penalty shoot outs, assault courses with balls, weaving footballs in and out of cones, netball, a simple game of football (what an active lot) and for the younger ones a simple rolling the ball back and forth and catch!

Do the families have plans for Euro 2012 inspired play? Definitely, from baking medals to a whole array of craft activities – Flags, tshirts, supporters kits, papier mache footballs, making trophies, flags or footie shirt bunting!

Of course there is always an educational side too; learning football skills in the garden, learning about flags and countries and more!  There was an extended chat about encouraging children to learn about flags, it can come into everything, baking flag cupcakes, colouring in flags or a treasure hunt!

What an awesome chat of all things balls, there was games, fun, baking, crafts and education – what more could you want!

If you want to join in follow the hashtag #playfest on Twitter on Tuesday at 8.30pm, or join in on the Izziwizzi Facebook Page same time on a Thursday!

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