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June Book Competition – Tiddler

Another book competition for you. The love of books here just keeps on growing and this was evident in the school reports this week with Monkey’s top area being reading – yay for him!

We are fans of Julia Donaldson and her books, They are beautifully written and she has a great set of illustrators to go with her stories. Alex Scheffler who illustrates the Gruffalo, Tiddler and more is fantastic; the picture are so colourful they bring the stories to life!

For our June book competition Mouse helped me pick the prize, she has a copy and thought it would be good if someone else got a copy too! So the prize is a copy of Tiddler by Julia Donaldson.

The smallest fish can tell the tallest tales … “Sorry I’m late, Miss. I set off really early but on the way to school I was captured by a squid. I wriggled and I struggled till a turtle came and rescued me.” “Oh, no, he didn’t.” “OH, YES, HE DID.”Tiddler

All you need to do to enter is follow the actions on the Gleam Widget below, complete more actions for more entires – Good Luck!

June Book Competition – Tiddler


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  1. Keri Jones

    I love Sharks! Have been obsessed with them since watching Jaws with my dad as child. I even have a shark tattoo 🙂 x

  2. Tracy K Nixon

    A seahorse!

  3. katie skeoch

    A mermaid, or if we’re talking reality a dolphin!

  4. kate bryans

    Seahorses, because the male gives birth!

  5. kelly

    Star fish!

  6. laura banks

    gotta be dolphins

  7. Paula Readings


  8. Laura Pritchard

    I find Octopuses fascinating!

  9. claire woods


  10. Angela McDonald

    Octipi! 😀 I love the Octopus and the way that they swim!

  11. Chris Andrews

    What is your favourite thing that lives in the sea . . . . . . seahorses

  12. pamela gossage

    I love Whales

  13. Kim da Silva

    Has to be the turtle!

  14. Lea

    I love dolphins!

  15. caroline walliss

    Manta rays.x

  16. Jo Jones

    Fish as there are so many different species

  17. Amy Davis

    I love Starfish.

  18. Michelle Banks

    i love seahorses x

  19. Jo wakefield


  20. Ashleigh Allan


  21. Lorraine Tinsley

    Jellyfish, they look so serene

  22. helen tovell

    sea dragons

  23. Christine Caple


  24. gemma brown

    jelly fish

  25. claire griffiths

    whales 🙂

  26. Kristy Brown


  27. Clare White

    Sharks, I find them fascinating

  28. kim neville

    I like Dolphins


    seahorses are fascinating 🙂

  30. Gail Reid

    SpongeBob Squarepants! He lives in a pineapple 🙂

  31. Rebecca Phillips


  32. Rich Tyler

    Penguins 🙂

  33. Kat Allinson

    Sea horses

  34. Donna Caldwell

    A sea turtle

  35. Theresa Parker

    I love the giant squid….I no he’s not that popular but when I take the kids to the sea life centre I love watching the skids. ..find them fascinating!

  36. Alison O


  37. lynsey poole

    I love Octopuses!

  38. Jade


  39. lindsay chadburn

    sharks, my daughter recently swam with some and is obsessed now

  40. Hannah Igoe

    Sharks I love them

  41. Kelly Summerfield

    Dolphins! x

  42. Sammie Hodges

    Star fish!

  43. becky knott


  44. Alexandra McGahey

    Dolphins 🙂

  45. mellanie forster

    It has to be mermaids (I’m sure they do exist )

  46. Jo Glasspool

    Seahorses, they are so beautiful.

  47. Leanne Bell

    I love to look at starfish 🙂 x

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