Just for Tots from Butlins!

As a Butlin’s Ambassador I am happy to tell you all about exciting Butlin’s related things I hear about, so I wanted to tell you that Butlins are launching  short breaks designed exclusively for families with tots and toddlers  – ‘Just for Tots’!

Just for Tots are breaks where everything from the accommodation and food right through to the entertainment and activities have been designed solely with younger children in mind.

These breaks will be launched in April and are to be held during term time and will provide the perfect environment for little ones and their grown ups to have an adventure.  Families will be able to escape the school holiday rush and enjoy the perfect touches provided by Butlins with you in mind!

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So, you have pre-schoolers and are tempted, but what extra touches can you expect to make your holiday even more suited to you.

Stars such as Thomas & Friends™ and Angelina Ballerina™ will be part of a ‘free-to-play’ entertainment schedule where shows are repeated throughout your break with timings to suit early-risers and early bedtimes.

Helping hands are available throughout the resort to ensure parents can spend as much time with their tots as possible – without the usual stresses of a family break.  Innovations include:

·  Bespoke meals by Annabel Karmel MBE. To ensure parents never have to hear ‘I don’t like it’, one of the UK’s most trusted experts on feeding families.

·  ‘Pushchair Porters’. A unique service upon arrival to help parents transport their toddlers and belongings from the car to the room with minimum fuss.

·  Photocall ‘Firsts’. Photo opportunities at attractions around the resort where our roving photographers capture the extraordinary moments that parents must not miss, from the biggest smile on the tot’s fairground to when they get up close with their favourite TV heroes

·  Nap-time Buggy Walks. Customised quiet route maps to help little ones drift off through the landscaped gardens and out along the beautiful beaches that neighbour our resorts.

Butlin’s really do have everything covered within these breaks, they have Drop-in style activity sessions repeated shows throughout the break, they will be offering “learn-to sessions” (e.g. swim, ride a bike) and all their favourite TV heroes under one roof to cuddle and watch in specially designed shows that are shorter in length (perfect for easily distracted toddlers)Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 22.49.44

We would definitely consider these breaks if both of ours were pre-schoolers (so wish they were available last year!)  They really seem to have thought of everything to make it more comfortable for the little ones!  Your children will love having the run of Butlin’s without older children getting in the way!46-96573_ButlinsLogo


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  1. This sound really good for young ones, just a shame one of mine is in school now.

  2. What a fantastic idea. So good to see that the small ones are being properly catered for.

  3. They are a great idea aren’t they – if Ethan wasn’t in school I would definitely consider it – maybe me and Fyfa should have a girly holiday!

  4. We’re in the school age bracket now, but this would have been great when 6yo was a pre schooler

  5. Sounds great and something Monkey would love. He does get overwhelmed with lots of older kids around the place.

  6. It seems like a really good idea, I’d have loved it when ours were tiny – sometimes you feel bad when your kids are screaming, this way everyone would have sympathy!

  7. This sounds like a great idea, making it a bit easier for young family’s, then even Mum might get a bit of a break!

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