I have spent over a week now locked in my own head, ok that might sound a little more severe than it is, but due to a nasty dose of Labyrinthitis I haven’t been able to concentrate on the real world. Due to a mixture or hearing loss and feeling like I am going to fall off wherever I am, I feel alone in my head!

It all started over a week ago when I had a killer earache and a sore throat, followed by the next two days of dizziness and feeling sick! When I tried to stand up I felt like I would fall over and even in bed laid down I thought I was falling off, I am talking full on room spinning (without any wine!!).

So what is Labyrithitis?

Well it is an Inner Ear Infection (of the Labyrith – hence the name), it causes many symptoms but in my case dizzyness, vertigo, feeling sick, headache, neck ache, some hearing loss and a constant buzzing! Nice! Now some of the symptoms are subsiding slightly but it is very up and down and the real kicker is the doctors can’t give me anything to cure it as it is VIRAL!

Oh and this can last weeks or in some cases months! This is going to be really helpful when I go back to full time work!

So that has been my week and a bit, and to top it off baby girl has been ill and not sleeping, hubby had a two and a bit day migraine and it has been half term so Legs has been bored out of his mind!

Roll on next week!


    • Amanda on February 26, 2011 at 19:39
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    Oh how awful for you 🙁 hope you are feeling better really soon Amanda gidders1

    • Julia, KidsTravel2 on February 26, 2011 at 21:44
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    poor you – sounds dreadful – scarey, frustrating. Hope you can get over it soon.

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