Lakeland Furniture – A Review

There are some emails that really make your day.

A couple of weeks ago our beloved office chair broke, not to the point where we could just chuck it onto the scrap heap, but to the point of sitting on it and every now and again (well more now) it would make a horrible noise and the back would drop to the side and frighten the occupier!

Well an email came from Lakeland Furniture who specialise in high end reproductions of famous designs, offering an office chair for us to have a look at and tell you what we think.  The timing was amazing, so we jumped at the chance!

So now the old beloved chair is heading to a new home (possibly chair heaven) and we have a lovely new Brasil Mesh Ergonomic Black Office Chair in the family.

The chair arrived in a box needing to be built, so I of course grabbed the tool box and left the hubby to it! I did cheer him on, and actually he didn’t need moral support for that long because it didn’t take that long to build at all.

The added bonus  was that the only tool needed was an allen key and it was provided in the box, how good is that?!

All the bits were very nicely wrapped and packaged and all in good condition when they were un-boxed. Hubby slotted them all together, tightened them up and ta-dah!


The chair looks lovely when all put together, it really would add a touch of class to any office! It is a lovely svelte design and light enough to move about on it’s wheels!

The back of the chair is mesh which allows the air to circulate and the lumbar cushion is moveable to ensure it is in the perfect position!


We are loving our new office chair, it does it’s job, it has a fab look (a designer look) and it’s good for your back too!

Hubby has just popped downstairs and told me how comfy his new chair is – Awesome – can’t really say any more can I?!

Disclaimer: I was sent the chair for the purpose of this review, i remain 100% honest at all times! 

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