Apr 11

Lenny Lamb – Review

I was asked to Review the White Chocolate Lenny Lamb from Thorntons for Izziwizzi Kids, you can see me in full video reviewing glory here! But I thought I would also tell you a little bit about him too!

Lenny is a White Chocolate Lamb with Dark Chocolate decoration, he also comes with a side helping of white chocolate buttons. Normally I wouldn’t choose white chocolate, I don’t dislike it but dark chocolate is my favourite and I would pick milk over white too! So this was quite a test for me, and I liked it! The chocolate was nice and smooth, it was sweet without being too sweet and as you can see Lenny is very cute!In fact hubby and I claimed Lenny as ours – the kids can have the buttons!

He is a perfect alternative to an Easter Egg for the kids this year and he is also on offer over at Thorntons website now in the form of 3 for 2!



Lenny was provided by Izziwizzi Kids for me to review


  1. seasiderinthecity

    I want my very own lenny!


    How very mean of you not to share Lenny with the kids! It was very nice, my daughter was not happy as my one bite took his face off!

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