Little Big Songs – Review

If our car over the past few weeks we have been listening to a lovely CD called ‘Little Big Songs). Released in May this year the CD was created by Jerry O’Regan, a musician and writer from Edinburgh.

Jerry knows music, he has been playing the guitar and singing in bands since he was 15, has written songs for his own children and for the BBC.

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Children love songs that they can relate to, anything that reminds them of their real life, and catchy tunes are a must too. This CD delivers both, songs such as  The day we moved, In the family and Have you ever made a wish relate to things that children have done or seen. Mouse was pretty much singing along with it straight away as the tunes are lovely and draw you in.

To add to it, the CD is presented really well with some fab illustrations on the cover.

Monkey at 6 is a growing a little too old for the songs, he will listen to them if Mouse is listening to it, but he wouldn’t choose it, on the other hand it is perfect for mouse and she chooses to listen to it over and over again!

The website is lovely too, head over and you can play clips from the songs to get a taster, learn more about Jerry and the team and of course order the CD.


Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the CD to give you an honest reviews


  1. We have this cd…….My youngest especially loves it 🙂

  2. Think I’ll have to look this out – could do with something different here.

  3. That sounds like a lovely CD – definitely something F would enjoy.

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