Little Crackers Drinks – Review

Recently we were sent some drinks to try and tell you about.  My kids love juice but I do worry that what I am giving them may not be great for them.  Some drinks are full of added sugar or fake sugar or other scary additives!

Little Crackers is the new fruit juice drinks range with no added sugar or sweeteners and each carton of this juice drink counts as part of kids’ five a day with 75% pure juice and a splash of water, providing a high fruit content of 75%.

“Passionate about bringing different flavour combinations together for children to taste, The Cracker Drinks Co put its heart into the art of blending to create a refreshing and alternative drink that stands out from the crowd and kids will be amazed by the fantastic blends and characters made just for them.”

There are two fantastic flavours and they really are delicious. Both Monkey and Mouse enjoyed them and Mummy did too (ok I admit it one or two may have ended up in my lunch box!). The flavours are:

Blackcurrant & Cherry

Meet Billy Blackcurrant and Cheeky Cherry – sweet and tangy flavours that come together to create an explosion on your tongue!

crackers drink2

Pear & Vanilla

Sweet Vicky Vanilla and juicy Peter Pear create a delightful pairing, with a flavour that is perfectly balanced and is guaranteed to quench your thirst after a long day playing with friends.

crackers drink1

The great thing is that I am not worried about what they are getting, they are 100% natural, which means they are 100% perfect for my clan!


  1. Interesting flavours but nice to see they are all natural and love the pack design.

  2. They are delicious aren’t they!

  3. monkey loved them, I didn’t get a look in!

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