Little Live Pets Ladybird Review

Little live pets is a range of toys that can give a child the feeling of having a pet without the added mess or the need to feed them to keep them alive. We are very lucky to have been sent the Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs Single Pack and Ladybugs Garden Play set to have a play with and review.Photo 15-08-2017, 18 14 07The Garden play set comes with an exclusive ladybug and a baby and it is a fantastic miniature world for your ladybugs (or ladybirds if you prefer) to explore; with moving parts and ramps it is a lot of fun. The only set up for it is to attach the two white ramps at the front and they slot in easily!

You can buy extra ladybugs in the single packs (which again come with a baby too). Photo 15-08-2017, 18 14 48

Aimed at children 5 years old and older, Mouse (7 years old) could not wait to get her hands on her ‘brand new pets’! Opening it up was a good experience, although certain parts were secured, you only had to twist a couple of plastic bits and the set was free – no having to hunt down scissors or screwdrivers to open it up like we seem to experience loads of at Christmas!


Mouse played with it for ages; watching the bugs run around, swapping the babies between the two bigger ones, changing their directions and using the flower lift. I was impressed with how long it kept her entertained and that Monkey wanted to play too! They were making up stories about where the bugs were going and where they might be going.20937690_10159284478600445_2117982010_nThe bugs themselves are motorised and have small brushes on the bottom to help them move, they move really smoothly and stay on the track really well! Mouse has named them and is looking after them as if they are her pets.

I love that it is a toy that promotes using your imagination, although the bugs need batteries the actual playset does not, it is a nice size for storing away and is sturdy enough to actually be used (nothing worse than a toy that breaks as soon as you play with it!).20938880_10159284478220445_1514133340_n

Mouse Says

“It is really good and I love playing with them. I would really like to get more bits and make a bigger world for my ladybirds because they are awesome and they would like to explore some more stuff! I really like the babies too”20979853_10159284478445445_1074405397_n

Little Live Pets isn’t something I would have thought of buying before but now we will defintiely be on the look out for more now and Mouse has started her Christmas list with them!

You can find Lil’ Ladybugs Garden Playset (£22.99) and the Lil’ Ladybugs single packs (£5.99) at various toy shops.


I was not paid to write this review, however I was given the toy to keep to be able to test and offer my/our honest opinion on it!

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