Mar 14

Littlest Pet Shop – Sweetest Pets Review and giveaway

You have heard us talk about The Littlest Pet who DVDs and how much we like them before and we are back to talk about the latest one! Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets arrives on DVD and Digital Download on 14th March and you are going to love it!image002

When Blythe Baxter moves to the city she discovers a whole gang of pet shop animal friends. To top it off she discovers she can talk to them and they can talk back! 

With Pepper, the hilarious skunk; Sunil, the magical mongoose, Vinny, the dancing gecko, and Penny, the adorable panda at her side, Blythe Baxter is having the time of her life! Do not forget Russell, the organised hedgehog; Zoe, the diva Spaniel; and Minka, the artistic monkey as they all come along for the fun as well.

Their days are filled with too many treats in the sweet shop with a rabbit called Buttercream, the gang getting lost in Blythe’s backpack at school and celebrating The Biskits’ quarter birthday with an order for two hundred cupcakes!

Blythe is a loveable character whose sweetness shines through and she really does love the pets she looks after. Typically the DVD is full of love, laughter, fun and adventure; it really keeps the children stuck to the screen.

I love how sweet the stories are there is definitely nothing to worry the children. It is real easy watching and a lots of fun. Both Monkey and Mouse love the show and are always happy to receive a new DVD to look at.  Whilst they were watching this one we were all assigned a character to be…apparently I am Pepper the skunk! we have fun watching it and fun talking about it.

I can see littlest pet shop being a part of our life for a long time to come!

I am very lucky to be able to offer you the chance to win a cop of the DVD to enjoy at home!

Littlest Pet Shop – Sweetest Pets


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  1. Lesley Bradley

    I’ve always wanted a tortoise!

  2. Lynsey Buchanan

    I would love a Pet Monkey

  3. Tracy K Nixon

    I love a sloth


    I’d like a house rabbit x

  5. aj

    a tiger!

  6. Jennifer Bruce

    Would love a puppy!

  7. iain maciver

    a huskie

  8. Angela McDonald

    Right now i;d love a puppy!

  9. Susan Smith

    Would love a dog

  10. laura banks

    a tarantula

  11. claire woods

    a dog.

  12. Kelly L

    A spider monkey!

  13. Nancy Bradford

    We’ve had just about every pet known to man lol,, but when I was little I always wanted a chimp (probably wouldn’t want one nowadays though).

  14. Angela Fitzjohn

    My daughters would love a little Shetland pony.

  15. ashleigh allan

    a dog!

  16. jayne kelsall

    I’d love a parrot

  17. Annabel Greaves

    A cute fluffy rabbit xx

  18. Johanne currie

    A monkey x

  19. Paula Barker

    I have always wanted a pig

  20. amy bondoc

    ive been begging my husband for ages to buy a dog !

  21. Jo m welsh

    A unicorn my girls would love it

  22. Lauren Tourle

    I would love to have a chameleon 🙂

  23. Sophie Spiby


  24. laura stewart

    i would love to have a dog x

  25. Jo Hutchinson

    A monkey

  26. Julie Henderson

    \a snake would be cool or an iguana

  27. Harline parkin

    A collie dog again I lost mine a few months ago and really miss my faithful old pal

  28. Cat Barber

    Would love any for my niece

  29. Becky Duffy

    I’d love a horse – but don’t think I could commit the time they need x

  30. gemma hendry

    a pomeranian dog

  31. Rachel Craig

    Dod. Dogs are great company, and make very loyal companions / pets.

  32. Rachel Craig

    Spelling error :- should be Dog….

  33. Heather

    i’d love a puppy!

  34. Kirsty Hosty

    I would love the have a black pot belly pig

  35. Ruth Harwood

    I’d love another cat, but our molly is too skittish to cope with that!!

  36. Chrissie Curtis

    I would love a golden cocker spaniel!

  37. joanna brand

    A micro pig would be an amazing pet!!!

  38. Ray Becker


  39. Kat Lucas

    I would love to have a Sloth

  40. kimberley ryan

    Would love a tortoise

  41. belinda porter

    I would love a dog

  42. Rebecca Mercer

    I’d love a cat

  43. Katie skeoch

    An ostrich, their eggs would feed the family for a while!

  44. Phyllis Ellett

    Has to be Goldfish, they are so relaxing to watch.

  45. Susan B

    I have always wanted a little herd of alpacas but have nowhere to put them.

  46. Elspeth MacMillan

    I would love a parrot that would talk to me

  47. Barbara Handley

    I would love to have another cat but am not allowed where I live.

  48. Diana

    I would like to have a cat 🙂

  49. Julie

    I’d love a cat but unfortunately I’m allergic 🙁

  50. A.E. ADKINS

    Always wanted a tortoise & am always jealous of those who have one

  51. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    I am very happy with my guinea pigs!

  52. melissa crowe

    mirco pig xx

  53. helen warrener

    i would love to have a chameleon i think they are amazing

  54. Rooksbury

    penguin like Mr Popper

  55. zoe d

    a horse!

  56. carol boffey

    Id love a cat

  57. Kim Styles

    I would love a couple of donkeys but haven’t a field to put them in !!

  58. Sandra Jo Siddall

    We would love a baby Rabbit ?

  59. michelle o'neill

    i would love a meerkat lol

  60. Joanna Sawka

    a baby owl

  61. Victoria Prince

    I’d love to have an African Grey 🙂

  62. Beryl drake

    Id love a cat

  63. Margaret Abram

    A really cute and fluffy one that doesn’t shed hair or poo and wee in the garden.

  64. Jennifer Rhymer

    I have always wanted a tortoise 🙂

  65. Emma Whittaker

    I would love a Pug 🙂

  66. ellie spider

    I already have 4 cats a dog and 2 cornsnakes 🙂 I’d quite like a pet meerkat but they are really sociable so would need a pack to keep them happy

  67. Jane Middleton

    labrador puppy would be lovely

  68. Vickie Jackson

    I always wanted a tortoise 🙂 ?

  69. Adrian Bold

    I’d love a snake. Not sure how I’d feel about feeding it though.

  70. Natalie Baskerville

    I would love a Labrador so there so smart and cuddly

  71. kelly morgan

    a puppy

  72. Denise C

    I would like to have a rabbit

  73. Lorraine Bell

    I’d love a kitten or three

  74. adrian price

    id love chickens

  75. alison clark

    I have wanted a King charles spaniel since I left home 20 years ago – I now tell myself I shall have one when I retire so quite a wait.

  76. jemma dwyer

    i love a killer whale 😀

  77. Nicola Marshall

    My daughter would like a pink dog ?

  78. Chris Fletcher

    I always wanted a chinchilla as a kid!

  79. Kim W

    A unicorn if it were possible!


    I would love to have another dog!

  81. Laura Finch

    I really want a rabbit xx

  82. Eva Appleby

    I would love to own a Guerilla x

  83. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Would love my own horse again. But still go riding (if you can call it that lol). 🙂

  84. Kirsty Woods

    A pony for my daughter

  85. Karl Borowy


  86. Natalie Crossan

    we’d love a puppy x

  87. Michelle Corbett

    Was just about to enter and it’s finished lol fab website btw xx

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