Looking Forward to 2012

This post was supposed to have been written a few days ago, but due to various illnesses and the like it has been put off slightly! So here is that second part I was talking about the look forward to the coming year!


So, I had decided not to make any official resolutions as they are very hard to stick to, but no-one can help have hopes, dreams and thoughts about what they want to do in a brand new year, what they want to happen and most of all where they want to be by the end of it, so here is a list of my ‘none resolution things that may or may not be destined to happen in 2012’

I was going to write about how our biggest immediate priority was to move house. We have been in this one for 4 years and due to various ‘issues’ we need to get out – but in the delay of writing this post, we have found somewhere else and are moving in on 1st February, so I guess instead of the hope of a house, the hope is for the move to go smoothly!

A few of the other things that will or may happen this year!

Legs goes to school

Yep, our first born will turn 4 in March which means he will start proper school in September, scary stuff! We are currently completing the application and our top preference is actually a school out of catchment area, we have many reasons, but it i a risky move I guess. You can choose up to 6 in total, so best get our thinking caps on. The hardest part is the waiting game of 3 months before you find out which school you have got!

Mouse going to nursery

Well probably some type of playgroup/nursery/childcare thing. Legs went into it at 2, I thought he was too little, but three afternoons a week did him the world of good, his social skills, his learning, his attachment all developed well! So, we are thinking as Mouse turns two in March will start some limited time this year, although we will see!


Hubby is developing his illustration business and I have started a new job, so hopefully these will both be successful. I have also been trained as a Baby Signing Practitioner with Baby Signing Mummy – I really hope this has a big part in this year, I love Baby Signing!


We definitely want to move a step closer to owning our own house, so this year is all about saving the pennies!

Being a Family

The main of the year is to be a family! Spend time together, work hard together, play together and grow together!

So nothing major, I could throw in the resolution about healthy eating, more exercise, losing weight, but I won’t, because I don’t make resolutions do I!?




Find more of the above comic strip at www.themonkeyandthemouse.com


    • Lou Strachan (@Bobbity666) on January 7, 2012 at 22:16
    • Reply

    Good luck with the house move x

    • brinkofbedlam on January 7, 2012 at 22:21
    • Reply

    You sound so busy! As if you managed to find time to train as a baby signing practitioner! Well done you. Wishing you all the best for 2012 and beyond. @Chaoskay :O) x

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