Love with Baker Ross

There are two big events coming up that are centred around Love and Baker Ross have got you covered to get the kids involved with crafting for them….have you guessed what they are? Yep, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day!

Monkey and Mouse are always very excited when a box arrives from Baker Ross; they know it is going  to be full of fun. Our latest delivery was not only full of fun but full of love.12695785_10156552128760445_1326737756_nIt really is a great collection of items that can be used for valentine crafts, gifts for mum on mother’s day or just for fun for yourself.

Heart Cross Stitch Book marks mix colouring and sewing and have a practical use too; in the kit you are supplied four bookmarks, plastic (very safe) needles and different coloured thread. Mouse asked for some help with the sewing, but it was more guidance about how to get the cross rather than the sewing itself. The effect is great and the card is thick enough to actually use them as bookmark (which I know sounds daft but we have done craft bookmarks before that were too thin and collapsed at the sight of a felt tip pen!)

The Heart Wooden Key rings come in a pack of 8 and are really easy to use – you take them out of the packet and decorate! I love having some crafts like this in my cupboard because you can get them out, do them and tidy away quick and at £2.64 for the pack I would say it is worth having some in. Monkey and Mouse instantly divvied up four each and picked who they were making them for!

Mouse loves cute and quirky things, so she squealed with delight at the Wellington Boot Ceramic FlowerPots, she literally could not wait to have a go at prettying one up. They are a great size for little hands and easy to use. Once decorated you can add a plant. Mouse is a little concerned about hers being damaged with a plant in so things that she will use it as a desk tidy! IMG_1308

The kids loved making the Teapot photo frame magnetic kits, a pack of four they did one each for Granny and Nanny and I got two! The pack contains the frame, stickers and a magnet. They stick lovely to the fridge or memo board and the fact you can pop a picture in them really gives them the personal touch!IMG_1305DSC_0022

Of course for any occasion cards are important, a chance to say how you feel and nothing says love like a home-made card! Baker Ross have some great sparkly blanks for you to make your own and they could be used for any occasion but I would say they are perfect for mother’s day – I am hazarding a guess I will get a couple of sparkly homemade cards this year!

We are off shopping tomorrow for paint as Monkey and Mouse are setting about the Wellington boots and the Apple Wooden Bird feeder; keep an eye on our instagram feed to see the results. IMG_1313If you fancy doing crafts for Valentines, Mother’s Day or a Friday, do check out Baker Ross – they have such a varied range and it is all easy to do for all ages! I love the fact that the kids can get on and do most of the crafts them selves – they can still use their imagination though (Monkey insisted on doing some line sewing on his cross stitch and it looks great!). Have you used Baker Ross?




  1. I really love their stuffs! They are so good!

  2. Some lovely crafts, fun to make and they look great!

  3. Looks like you have been having fun with your kits too. Our bookmarks have been in the Captain Underpants books as well!

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