Macaron Manicure Party

I was lucky enough to be sent a party pack by ‘Come around’ to try some Macarons by Brioche Pasquier and generally have a fun time.

We used it as an excuse to have a girlie night in; I mean what is better than a good old catch up with the girls, a couple of glasses of wine and some really yummy treats!

The Macarons were delicious and with six different flavours there is a flavour for everyone; we all made sure we tried all the flavours and we all found a different one to be the favourite – mine was the vanilla; it was a delicious, smooth, ice creamy ball of awesomeness.

Quote of the night

“This is the best macaron I have ever eaten”

We had a great time, painting nails to match the macarons, eating, drinking and being merry! The husband and his friend joined us at the end and tried the macarons too – but they wouldn’t let me paint their nails – spoilsports!

During the night off we made a showstopper bake (ish), didn’t last long though!IMG_1238



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  1. They were delicious weren’t they, looks like you had a great girlie night and lots of fun!

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