Meccano Motorcycle Set Review

I remember playing with Meccano when I was growing up and I love that it is still available now, I really like it when the kids play with something that I know from my childhood.

We were sent the 5 in 1 Motorcycle Set to have a look at and Monkey couldn’t wait to get his hands on it – he has always loved construction and now he is growing up, he is happy to take on builds that are a bit more of a challenge.17690069_10154223476566780_1429847378_nThis is aimed at children aged 8 years plus so was perfect for Monkey. It made a great activity for Monkey and Daddy to do together, so whilst Mouse and me did some ‘girly stuff’, they set to it.  Monkey took the lead and opened the box to find all the bits needed (all 174 of them), the tools needed to put them together and the instruction booklet! 17619351_10154223476561780_912874793_nThe instructions were clearly set out and easy to follow. I think the colourful pictures helped too, they showed clearly what needed to be done and showed the pieces that you needed. 17670962_10154223477121780_1067137561_nMonkey and Daddy set to it and it seemed like they built it really quickly; we weren’t waiting long.  Daddy tells me that a lot of it Monkey could do on his own, but there were some fiddly bits that he needed to help with.  Daddy mostly helped with holding it still whilst Monkey put it together.Photo 18-03-2017, 15 02 32

This is a 5 in 1 set so there are 5 different motorcycles you can make with it, on top of that you can make your own creation (the bonus of Meccano is you can take it apart and put together again, you can do your own design and then change it)! The instructions include all five designs in them. 17619658_10154223476966780_938784928_nMonkey says that he loved building this and that he felt really proud when it was finished, he found it fun and he would tell his friends to buy it.

“I liked doing this with Daddy and I think I will be doing more Meccano in the future.  I like that when you have finished you then have a toy motorbike to play with until you want to change it into a different one” 

17619411_10154223477071780_1653947401_nWhat I really like as a mum about this product is that it is fun to do and Monkey enjoyed it. I liked that it was something that him and Daddy could do together, but know that if needed he could do it on his own.  I love that the Meccano is sturdy and can be played with after it is built – it doesn’t fall apart!

The advantage of the 5 in 1 is that once a certain style of bike has been gotten bored of, a new one can be built and that makes it feel like a new toy all over again.  Meccano has lasted a lot of years and it is easy to see why it is a versatile toy that is fun for children and adults and the option to re-build over and over adds something a bit extra!

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