Jan 18

7 Things – Meme

I have been tagged by two lovely ladies (Lins from DaisychainBaby and Wendy from The Trials and Tribulations of the Sav-ettes) to take part in a ‘7 things you didn’t know’ meme. Hmmm, not as easy as it seems, but here goes:

1. In the past (up to leaving school) I was quite musical, I played different types of recorder, the guitar and the clarinet, I also sang in the pit chorus for a couple of school shows! I have lost it now though, I would love to be able to still play…..well something!

2. I am a bit of a geeky TV fan, I absolutely love Smallville, the whole superhero growing up thing and I love love love Chuck – Geeky Spy; pure brilliance!

3. I am a vegetarian, I have been for quite a long time. I first went vegetarian back in my early teen days, but didn’t last long due to doctors orders, but I have never really liked the taste or texture of most meats, so vegetarian it is!

4. I have lived in 12 houses in my life, three in Lincoln where I was born and brought up, seven in seven years in Stoke-on-Trent and 2 in Notts where we live now!

5. The first CD I ever owned was by a band called Green Jelly – not sure I can say anymore on that

6. I live in trainers, I just love being comfortable, I do wear shoes if needed – weddings, interviews etc but never out of choice!

7. I hate mushrooms, they are evil, slimey rooms of yuck! Nuff said!

8. (A bonus as I was tagged twice – but I can’t do 14 – sorry!)  My favourite book of all time is the Green Mile, when I was younger I read it in six parts as you could get the book in six mini books

So, there is a little insight into me – hope there is nothing that has put you off reading the blog!

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  1. Andy Gimino

    Kelly… I may just be the only other person who owned that green jelly cd. I read that and it came right back to my memory!

  2. LinsDCB

    Loved your facts hun, and weird spooky coincidence – I too am vegetarian, since about 7 years now and also I live in trainers!! I am trying to resurrect my heel wearing days from my teen years when I didn’t even own any trainers but it’s hard. I love being comfy!

    Thank you so much for sharing all your “getting to know you’s” xx

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