Metal Puzzles from Parragon Review

You have heard me talk about Parragon on a fair few occasions and it has been mostly about their books, this month I am sharing with you their ‘Professor Murphy Metal Puzzles’ – which to be fair still has a book in it, but is so much more too! Metal Puzzles - Pack Shot - V1 copyThis set is right out of ‘Professor Murphy’s Emporium of Entertainment’ and it is a lovely little box that is perfect for a gift, stocking filler or a small treat.  In the box is 6 metal puzzles and a book of mind games, perfectly packaged up in a shiny box. IMG_0828

The puzzles are not too small and not too big, they are a perfect size for both children and grown ups to play with. They are very sturdy and not easily breakable which is always a good thing in this house! They are relatively easy to solve, but just in case the book also contains the solutions. The book also contains some brain teasers and riddles to be solved and they are great. IMG_0830I have fond memories of spending hours on these little metal puzzles when I was a child and I loved to share the fun with my parents and friends; I am looking forward to seeing how long the entertainment lasts in this house.

I love the way it is packaged too, a perfect size for a gift, shiny box and with a little olde circus type of design. They are brilliant!

12248702_10156275980615445_1966563223_nIf you are looking for a little taste of the past mixed with the fun of the present then this is perfect for you! I was lucky enough to be sent these to have a look at for this review but have to say I would be happy to buy them (and may well do in the run up to Christmas for gifts for others).


    • Gemma Cook on November 12, 2015 at 22:58
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    Really enjoyed reading this review, know one gift i’m getting my hubby this christmas x

  1. This puzzle kit is brilliant. My son love his! So useful!

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