Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll Review

My daughter has had the nickname ‘Mouse’ since she was born and has had a love of Minnie Mouse for nearly as long. She is always on the lookout for Minnie Mouse to add to her collection and so was more than excited when the brand new Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll (from IMC toys) arrived for us to play with.

There are three different sets of the Minnie Fashion Dolls, all of which include a Minnie Doll, three different outfits (dress, shoes and headband), a mirror and a couple more accessories. and we received the Fashion Fun set. In our set we had some hat boxes, a mirror, handbags and headbands to go with our outfits!IMG_2764

Many hours have already been spent playing with Minnie and her outfits, she has been played with alone and alongside other toys. My Mouse is really loving the set and has already said she would love to have the other sets too.

I am impressed with the quality of the doll, she is approximately 5 inches tall and is made of sturdy plastic. The dresses and accessories are made from a flexible plastic and are easy to get on and off, Mouse can happily do it without adult support.

Minnie comes in a box which is designed like a dressing room so adds to the play of the set. The dressing room can fit everything back in too so can be used for storage, always a bonus in my book!

Mouse’s favourite game to play with Minnie is currently fashion show, swapping the outfits and generally having fun – Minnie mouse even has an audience!

Mouse has played with this more in the last few days than any of her other dolls, she treats Minnie like a real celebrity and says that any fashion model should have their photo taken over and over again and of course Mouse is always happy to be the paparazzi – so here are her photos from Minnie’s latest photo shoot!

We really love the Minnie Mouse fashion doll and I am very happy for Mouse to put the other sets on her Christmas list (sorry to mention the C word). It is a lovely set, that i can see having a long life in our house. It is well made and I am sure has durability that means that it will last a lot of play!


  1. Aww this is really cute! Love Minnie Mouse.

  2. This is really cute, I would have loved playing with this when I was younger!

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