Mission Potty Training Complete!

There is something I want to celebrate – my second born, the baby of the family is out of nappies!

During half term we decided that it was time and went cold turkey with the removal of nappies in the day, there were a couple of hitches the first couple of days, but then nothing, just perfect dryness in the daytime!   She marched into nursery the first day back after the holidays and announced to her key worker ‘Im wearing pants now’.

We are now onto the next stage of trying to withdraw the nappies altogether, and we feel we may be nearly there with that too! She has worn pants under the nappy for the last three nights and been dry in the morning!

Well done Mouse, you took to it so easily, another millstone hit, you are growing up so fast!

We are very proud parents xx



  1. Well done Eli, big girl now. xxx

  2. Well done to your baby, another milestone complete xx

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