As we are coming to the end of term, it is funny looking back at the trends that have filled the year; the DAB, bottle flipping and the fidget spinner. The real question is ‘Will the MOKURU be the next one?’19807423_10159047396510445_565176905_o

The MOKURU is the latest craze from Japan so I am sure that it won’t take long to catch on here. It is a handheld wooden toy that was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus and now it is testing the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere.19807889_10159047396465445_1677612082_o

The MOKURU is crafted out of beech wood which gives it a really nice look and feel, buy neurontin epilepsy pills online neurontin or gabapentin online, it is a good size and is small enough to fit into a pocket (so can go anywhere).

Originally designed as a desk toy, it is great to fidget with, fiddle with and play with; then as you become a MOKURU master you can learn show off your skills and maybe even use more than one at once!

It isn’t easy to get straight away, although to be able to flip it or spin it has come quickly. Like anything practice makes perfect and the more you play the more you can do! I did worry it it would become frustrating (especially for the children) if we didn’t pick it up easily, but it really hasn’t.

There is the addictive factor of other crazes and it almost feels like a challenge to yourself to beat how well you did it the time before that you just keep going! I have even found myself fiddling with it when I hadn’t realised.19727377_10159052296705445_171097675_oThese will retail at £9.99 and are available from both Smyths and Amazon, however there are a lot of fakes out there too so ensure you get the real thing if you are wanting to buy them! You can see more videos over on their Facebook page – see the experts in action!


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