Monkey and Mouse take Photos in the Garden

I have loved photos for as long as I can remember – both taking them and looking at them. Monkey and Mouse have both inherited my love and we can sit for hours looking at old photos laughing at the memories or picking out the interesting bits. Every time I get my camera or phone out to take a picture I get a chorus of ‘can I take one’ from them both. So I thought, why not let them explore the garden with camera and see what they think is interesting.

Mouse was well away and was looking for things with colour, she was snapping all over the place (good job we have digital now the amount of photos she took!)

Monkey was a little more reserved only taking pictures when he had assessed whether he liked them or not.  I love that there were some similar themes but at different angles.

They had so much fun doing this that they will be doing more photo taking I think, I will show you more – will be nice to see their progress!

 Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. What a good idea to let the kids take the photographs. I might try that and see the world like they do for a change!

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