Mother’s Day with Roberts Bakery

The blog has been a little (well very) quiet over the past few weeks due to a horrible Flu bug having taken over the house. To be honest Mother’s Day passed by in a bit of a haze, I had a really bad bout of the flu and couldn’t get up, the last thing I could cope with was Breakfast in bed; I couldn’t eat at all!

Monkey and Mouse were fantastic on the day though and both gave me cards that they had made at home and at school and some lovely Daffodils. They gave me a hug, wished me get well and we agreed to delay Mothers day until I was better as they wanted to treat me. daff

I am pleased to say that I am much better now and this week I have been able to eat, so with the help of Roberts Bakery I was able to enjoy a ‘Mother’s Day’ type breakfast and great way to ease myself back into eating again!


So what makes a perfect breakfast in bed?

For me, it needs to be something relatively small, I am not a big breakfast fan and sometimes miss it completely (or wait and have it later). Also, being a vegetarian I am not into Bacon or Sausage so this starts to limit the choices.

However, I do love bread, toast and Eggs. So for me the best option by far is a Dippy Egg and if I am still peckish and bit of toast and Jam to follow!  Dippy eggs are very hard to get right, mainly because people like them slightly different but I love the egg yolk to be runny so I can dip my toast into it and it spurts out and runs down the sides…yummy!

It also has to be white bread, soft fluffy white bread, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind brown bread, but there is something amazing about Dippy Eggs and White Bread.

All delivered on a tray, I got an egg, some toast, a bit of jam and a nice cup of tea; the bread was toasted perfectly for me, not too much so it is still really fluffy! IMG_2775

It seems that Robert’s Bakery agree on the perfect breakfast too and they have put together a little guide to a ‘Soft and Fluffy Breakfast’ – some great tips (especially about keeping crumbs out of the bed!) and they are the perfect bread to add to the meal!

I can’t wait for my ‘pretend Mother’s Day’ now and I am hoping this breakfast is replicated again!



  1. Ah, that’s a super cute breakfast. I would have been very pleased with that on Mother’s Day too. Glad you are feeling better now.

  2. What a lovely breakfast – I am partial to a boiled egg and soldiers! Hope you manage to get rid of these horrible bugs once and for all soon.

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