Moving House…

We are on the move again! Not the blog – us as a family are moving house!

It has been a year since our last move (sound’s like an addicts confession doesn’t it). To be honest I am in very mixed emotions about it. I know deep down it is the right thing but I can’t believe we are moving again, that we are actually moving away from the area we want to live in and the stress of living in a pile of boxes is getting too much for me!

Let me start at the beginning, we moved here a year ago; it is a lovely house (not perfect for lovely) and is in a fantastic area. We have enjoyed our time here but ultimately it hasn’t felt like a home, just a house that we have borrowed. I know how daft that sounds as that is in essence what renting is – borrowing a house, but we have rented for years and have had places feel like home whilst we were there. This one hasn’t; mainly because of the way the landlord is – no posters/blue tack on walls, no adding any hooks in additional to the ones up – the Monkey and Mouse haven’t been able to put posters up in there room and we have a lot of pictures we haven’t been able to display! We feel like we are staying here, not living here!

So with the contract coming up for renewal, it seemed that moving was the best option.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.29.37We have found another lovely house; it has an extra bedroom and is less monthly rent so that is a big bonus. The thing that is bothering me most is that it is out of this area, away from the park they have loved for a year, away from convenient shops that it takes two minutes to walk to and away from the best Indian Takeaway ever (although I am hoping we are still in delivery distance!). I am sure it is fine, it is only ten minutes away but still!

The Monkey and Mouse are mostly excited, Monkey is just thinking about having a new bedroom, Mouse has had some funny worries like what if the new house is cold, or that she will miss her wardrobe (it is inbuilt here) but she is a bit like me and worrying about something small gives us focus!

We are trying to make it an adventure for the kids; they are packing their own boxes, picking things for their new bedrooms and we have bought a couple of bits as a welcome to your new home’ pack!

I am worrying about nothing aren’t I, I know it, it is just the stress I think – we are one week away from move day and I just want it done now, so i guess I better get on packing some boxes!

Do you have any tips for keeping calm during a move or making it more fun?


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  1. Oh best of luck with the move. I would love to move house and sometimes wonder if finding your dream home is almost easier when you are renting cause we’re stuck here unless the house sells. But then I guess you can put your own stamp on your own home. Hopefully the Indian will still deliver LOL.

  2. Always a stressful time – don’t I know it!! I’m still in the process of it, although slightly different because we are buying not renting! I’m not sure what to suggest, my children love their new garden but hate the fact that we have to drive to school, I’m learning every day what the ups and downs are and just hoping that they’ll love it all in the long run. I’m sure your two will be fine and adjust better than you expect. If they are allowed pictures up in the new house, you can immediately make it feel at home and a friendly environment for them so fingers crossed it will all work out for you. x

    • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One on February 26, 2016 at 10:13
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    No advice to offer as I’ve never moved with kids bug I hope it all goes well and that the new place feels more like home for you all x

  3. Good luck! I never move with kids yet.

  4. Moving house is the worst thing, especially when you have children. It sounds like you have definitely made the right decision, I think people renting out houses should be more lenient, at the end of the day you have to make it your home. Fingers crossed your new house will feel like a home straightaway and I hope the actual move isn’t too stressful for you all xx

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