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So last year I went to an amazing event held by Hotter Shoes in Derby, sadly i didn’t get to tell you about it because of various reasons I won’t go into. However, I want to tell you about it now…in fact I NEED to tell you about it now, because that day I didn’t only enjoy the event, I didn’t only have a ‘hotter moment’ but I discovered my favourite shoes.Photo 05-09-2016, 18 26 20

Now I have mentioned a few times before that I am not really a ‘shoe girl’, I don’t really like shoe shopping and I tend to migrate towards trainers because I know they work for me!

The event in Derby was fantastic; the staff from Hotter were lovely and they really know how to look after a girl and make her feel comfortable when she is well and truly outside of her Comfort Zone! Of course the delicious nibbles and drinks helped too! Photo 05-09-2016, 18 34 17The thing that always surprises me about Hotter is that they have a wide range of shoes they have that suit a wide range of people! I know they have a bit of a reputation for being for the older lady (I used to believe this too) and in one sense they are, because they cater for the older lady…as well as the younger lady and the middle of the road aged lady too!!

In fact they don’t just cater for the lady, they also cater for the MAN!! Yep, they have a range of men’s shoes too!

I am really impressed with the choice of styles and the choice of colours! During the event we checked out their ‘originals‘ range, i love that they still hail back to their routes and have this range available, the styles have been picked by the founder Stewart Houlgrave as the much-loved styles that are the true embodiment of their Comfort Concept.

They have so many fab ranges and I am particularly drawn to the Active (well that is where we find the trainers)! I tried on every pair of trainers in the shop and found my Hotter Moment with the Dart trainer (in Black). Photo 05-09-2016, 18 36 02Honestly these are the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned, they felt like slippers…in fact even more comfortable than slippers; it felt like I wasn’t wearing any shoes – which is actually my preference, I don’t really like my feet feeling constricted! If I had told you about them when I first got them I would have said how cool they look, how comfortable they felt on and how I was very excited to wear them.Photo 05-09-2016, 19 28 11What I can tell you now after having a them for a few months is that I have worn my trainers almost everyday since I have had them. They don’t just feel comfortable when you put them on, they remain comfortable the entire time I am wearing them. I have worn them to work for full days and they have been great, I spend time walking to places and with children in my job so comfort is priority and these have not let me down.

I have worn them for days out, playing sport with the kids, to go to the shops…the list goes on! They are still going strong, several months later and I am sure they are going to last quite a bit longer. I love them and will be buying my next pair of shoes (trainers or otherwise) from Hotter! I would recommend them for choice, for their customer service, for how the shoes last and for the comfort!


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  1. They look perfect and sound like they are super comfy! I love reading about things that people have been wearing for a little while as you know they will last!

  2. I was surprised to see the amount of men’s shoes on offer, and from what I’ve seen of the quality and durability of the women’s shoes I’m very tempted!!

  3. They look great. My Hotter sandals are currently being admired by everyone here in Spain

  4. I keep hearing how comfortable Hotter shoes are but we don’t have a local store so I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. Those trainers sound great, perfectly comfortable and durable and great for all year round!

  5. I love my Hotter shoes – so comfy and they look so nice too 🙂

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