My Kitchen Story

Unfortunately my Kitchen story is a sad one, there are some lovely bits but over all it is a tale of envy!

I have always had a dream about what my kitchen would look like. It would be the heart of my home; the family would eat together in it, celebrate in it, cry in it. Friends would gather there for a cuppa of comfort or a glass of wine to toast the latest exciting development in their life!

Growing up I remember my Nan’s kitchen being quite small, but it was homely. I loved having breakfast at Nan’s, we sat around her table and had cereal and yoghurt (if you were lucky, you got the strawberry one).

I loved helping her in the kitchen because it meant I could go in her pantry and get what was needed.  Shelves of exciting things, looking back the things themselves weren’t very exciting, but it felt like it was!

How I dream of a pantry……..a walk in pantry full of staple foods, baking items and those special treats.

I have a couple of things in my kitchen that have been passed to me through my Mum, I have some rose pyrex dishes and a dog biscuit tub. Actually I don’t know why a dog biscuit tub has ended up being used in the kitchen but I use it to store Rice.      IMG_1369IMG_1374

Again when I was younger, I visited a bed and breakfast and they had an AGA oven, the house was so cosy warm that you felt at home as soon as you walked in, this added to the dream…

I have dreamed of owning an AGA of my own ever since, I dream of shiny cupboards and lots and lots of storage space, Matching small appliances and a fridge full of food ready t cook an drake at the drop of a hat!

The sad part of my kitchen story is that my kitchen isn’t my dream.

It does do it’s job! It has brown cupboards, but they are in a good state of repair. I would like more space but we cope with what we have. The small appliances don’t match, although we have started to move towards that after I got an amazingly shiny lovely mixer for Christmas, it is red, as is our microwave (so at least two things match!).


I don’t have a pantry and the work surfaces are covered with all sorts as there is no where else to put the stuff.  I get kitchen envy when I visit friends and family, some of them have what I would like, some of them have bigger than what I would like or even better! The green monster appears, but I calm here with the thought of ‘one day, one day!’.

However, despite all this I believe that our kitchen is still the heart of our home; we come together in it for meals, when we have friends over we congregate in the kitchen whilst the children run loose, the kettle is always on and there is always food available. One of our family rules is ‘If in doubt, provide food!’.

One day I will have my dream kitchen, it will be shiny, it will probably be black apart from the dishwasher, I think that would have to add a splash of colour (maybe pink).  I will have a stand alone breakfast bar in the middle which will double up as a ‘baking with the kids area’ , Friends and family will want to spend time in it because of the warmth, love and cakes (no kitchen is complete without cakes!).  I would use Fairy Platinum every day to ensure the best for my pots and ensuring that the plates were always fairy clean for the people who would feel at home in our Kitchen.


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  1. Your kitchen sounds great even though it’s not quite what you’d dream about, mine isn’t quite my dream one although I think the important thing is that its the heart of the home which yours is. We can both keep dreaming that one day we’ll get our dream kitchen!

  2. Good old June Rose Pyrex, and the dog barrel, I used to keep flour in it and Nan did before me. xxx

  3. Love the Pyrex and reminded me of my late Mum. Would also love a pantry – so useful for storage and extra space for all the stuff I like to have. Hope that dream kitchen happens for you soon. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  4. Ahhh….I have those rose pyrex dishes too….Passed down to me from my dad! lol

  5. I’m loving your retro dishes and barrel! I dream of a huge family kitchen too – maybe one day!

  6. One day I’ll have a big family kitchen with an aga. I can dream. 🙂

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