Jan 11

My Little Pony DVD Competition

As you all know by now we love My Little Pony, it is a brilliant show, full of fun and it is one of the few things that Monkey and Mouse will both watch. I love that they are interested in something that I played with when I was a child.

My Little Pony: The Crystal Empire is out on DVD and Digital Download on the 18th January and is looking to be another fantastic addition to the My Little Pony Range!


The Canterlot castle has heard the news – but have you? Deep in the arctic north of Equestria, the Crystal Empire has reawakened! The dark curse has lifted and this magical empire has finally returned, but now that it has been restored, how long will Equestria have left to enjoy it?

Princess Celestia is worried that the Crystal Empire may fall victim to a curse once more, so she calls on Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help protect the empire. Whilst the other ponies frolic with the Crystal ponies at the Crystal Faire, Twilight Sparkle goes on an adventure. The key to keeping the empire safe from harm is the hidden Crystal Heart, but will Twilight Sparkle find it in time?

Is it time for the Crystal Empire to disappear forever? Or can Twilight Sparkle save the day once more?

For your chance to win a copy of the DVD please follow the entry options on the Gleam Widget below! No mandatory options so enter as many or as few ways that you would like! Good Luck!

My Little Pony – The Crystal Empire DVD


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  1. iain maciver

    Scooby doo

    1. Beryl drake

      I love Call the Midwife

  2. Tracy K Nixon

    I personally enjoy Casualty!

  3. Judith Luscombe

    I adore Doc Martin, Martin Clunes plays his character so well and there are so many beautiful scenes with the gorgeous Cornish panoramic views.

  4. laura banks

    at the moment its arrow

  5. Karen Langridge

    I am all about Once Upon A Time at the moment, I have a bit of a crush on Hook πŸ™‚ x

  6. nichola betteridge

    I’m loving Dexter at the mo!

  7. Becky Duffy

    Mine is Gogglebox, to watch with my daughter Paw Patrol!

  8. caroline walliss

    I love the voice, thanks.x

  9. Ashleigh Allan

    I like homeland

  10. Ruth Harwood

    I’m a bit of a Scandal fan, I have to say, though I do love quite a lot of British drama too xx

  11. Becca Staples

    I like homeland, my kids love Peter Rabbit x

  12. Jackie ONeill

    It was Downton Abbey but now finished so is now Midsummer Murders

  13. adeinne tonner

    Has to be the simpsons

  14. Louise Fairweather

    I like The Apprentice – the boys like Spongebob

  15. LucyBo17

    Strictly Come Dancing – Great fun for a saturday night

  16. Kathleen Bywaters

    I love dragon’s den it always makes me laugh!

  17. Andrea Smith

    I love most TV shows, especially South Park

  18. Kerry Kilmister

    My daughter and I love watching Sofia the First

  19. Michelle O'Neill

    i love ghost adventures x

  20. kayleigh cheeseman

    i like all the soaps

  21. Paula T

    I love Mr Selfridge at the minute.

  22. David Crabb

    I don’t watch much TV, I prefer the written word. The children however, love watching TV, one of their favourite programs is My Little Pony. This would be fantastic for them to win.

  23. Lynn Heath

    I’m living once upon a time at the moment!

  24. Alison Clark

    My own favourite is Modern family -I find it really funny cant wait for the next series to start .

  25. Mandy Hamilton

    My 2 girls love watching Sofia the first and Frozen. And when they are in bed my favourite is The Walking Dead

  26. Victoria Cunniff

    My all time favourite is Only Fools and Horses

  27. holly harmsworth

    call the midwife was my favourite

  28. kaye talvilahti

    Im a Dr Who fan

  29. matthew monnes

    love it

  30. Alicia

    I love doc who.

  31. Hayley Todd

    At the moment my favourite TV Show is War and Peace! Even though only 3 episodes have aired, I am totally hooked!

  32. Rebecca Mercer

    I have quite a few greys anatomy, masterchef Australia, American Horror Story to name a few

  33. Victoria Shiel

    It’s the time of year so would have to say The Voice is my favourite at the moment.I’ve watched it ever since it started but I love it even more so now as Ricky Wilson is a coach,I love him (I’m a huge Kaiser Chiefs fan),will be sad when he leaves

  34. cheryl hadfield

    Love the walking deead

  35. Rachel Bustin

    There lots of shows I love out there! Arrow, The Flash, Grimm, Grey’s Anatomy are just few! xx

  36. David Crabb

    Dr Who is one of the few TV programmes I watch as well as sons of anarchy.

  37. Susan P

    Tough question, my favourite has got to be Doctor Who! MLP:FiM is such a great show too though. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. leonie owen

    holby city πŸ™‚

  39. rlavender

    I love once upon a time at the moment! Who doesnt love a fairy tale !

  40. Kay Broomfield

    I love The Walking Dead, my children prefer My Little Pony!

  41. Gemma Newton

    Me and my husband enjoy watching hawaii 50

  42. Sarah Archibald

    Right now it’s mking a murderer. addicted.


    Got to be Emmerdale as a regular programme I try to keep up with, however I really love some of the America sitcoms like Greys anatomy and Bones.

  44. Kerry Locke

    My fave TV programme is Homeland

  45. Katie skeoch

    Reign, absolute nonsense but highly entertaining!


    unfortunately it ha to be beowolf at moment

  47. nicola james

    the only tv i get to watch these days is tinypop or cbeebies i love gigglebiz haha

  48. samantha mason

    Take me out on a Saturday night

  49. Amy Withnall

    Pretty Little Liars is my favourite at the moment πŸ™‚

  50. Patricia Whittaker

    Currently Silent Witness and War and Peace.

  51. karen salisbury

    agents of shield

  52. justine meyer

    Emmerdale x

  53. Clare Hubbard


  54. Lisa Mauchline

    I love Hollyoaks

  55. Solange


  56. Jane Middleton

    I like Have I Got News for You

  57. Susan B

    I am ever so slightly addicted to the Foyle’s War reruns.

  58. Diana

    Simpsons πŸ™‚

  59. Gem Cook

    I love The Walking Dead x

  60. Claire

    I adore Scandal

  61. Tammy Neal

    Simpsons xx

  62. Allan Smith

    Love The Walking Dead.

  63. claire woods

    I love Cold Feet, which is coming back – hooray!

  64. Hayley Elvin

    My favourite show is Suits

  65. Samantha Atherton

    I’m a Game of Thrones addict

  66. Debbie Henderson

    Impractical Jokers is a must to see x

  67. Kate Knight

    My fav is the good wife


    I have lots of programmes that I love but my favourite at the minute is Suits!

  69. Phyllis Ellett

    As a child it was Sooty, now it is Saturday Kitchen.

  70. Tim Millington

    Currently watching A Game of thrones. Brutal

  71. Heather Brannan

    The Returned is my favourite show.

  72. Jo Hutchinson

    I am really enjoying Once Upon A Time at the moment.

  73. Joanna Sawka


  74. Barbara Handley

    Call The Midwife

  75. Nicola S

    Suits on Dave

  76. Victoria Prince

    When it’s on it’s got to be The Great British Bake Off πŸ™‚ Otherwise I love Only Connect

  77. Michaela B

    I love Casualty and Holby City

  78. steven beasley

    Mine has to be Porridge and Only Fools and Horses.

  79. Patricia Avery

    Only Connect is my guilty pleasure. I get so excited if I can answer even one question in the first couple of rounds although I’m quite good at the missing vowels round πŸ™‚

  80. Nicki Simpson

    I love greys anatomy…..my 3 year old loves Dora…..she usually wins

  81. Jennifer Rhymer

    I watch Call The Midwife every Sunday πŸ™‚

  82. Angie McDonald

    My favourite TV show is The Grate British Bake Off!

  83. ellie spider

    I’m currently loving Lost Girl (in its final series and nearly finished boo) and jericho

  84. Gemma Holland

    I love The Good Wife

  85. Clare W

    I love American drama so The Good Wife and Elementary (both back soon hooray!), & Mr Robot was good recently. Also have a weakness for any Top Model programme. And I’m looking forward to Game of Thrones in April and Bake Off later in the year. My daughter loves Paw Patrol.

  86. Val Pownall

    Love Call the Midwife, and really enjoying War & Peace. When it comes to the little ones though we’re all Miffy fans.

  87. Vickie Jackson

    My favourite TV show….. Well I have a few! I love The Walking Dead and Gotham. I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks so that’s up there too but I also have a live for my little pony because it’s one I can watch with my kids!!

  88. Chanise Kemp

    My favourite TV programme would be wanted down under, I love to see if people make their dreams a reality!

  89. Ashley Phillips

    I’ve got in to the revamp of Hawaii 5 0, i’m not up to date yet but only 1 season behind

  90. Louise paul

    Orange is the new black

  91. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Impractical Jokers (The proper US version, the UK version is awful!!!!) Its absolutely brilliant and the only programme to have me in stitches! x

  92. Sarah Haynes

    My current favourites are call the midwife and casualty!

  93. Ruby Spiteri

    Im enjoying call the midwife x

  94. linda watson

    I love the old episodes of the good life and butterflies

  95. Emma


  96. Natalie Crossan


  97. Sarah Phillips

    Well, my children have very much got me into Ben and Holly, I find the sarcasm and parent wit just a little to rib tickling at times!

  98. Megan Mellor

    My daughter would love this! I love Vampire Diaries!


    At the moment I am liking GOTHAM

  100. Kirsty Fox

    I know it’s cheesy but I love the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

  101. Karen Howden

    I used to love the professionals

  102. Emma Whittaker

    I love Stella on Sky 1 πŸ™‚

  103. Cassey taylor

    Amazing prize ☺

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