May 21

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic – Review and Giveaway

image002Released on the 25th May My Little Pony have brought us another fab DVD – Friendship is magic Baby Cakes. Β The DVD includes five fab episodes and runs for 1hr and 45 minutes. Each episode is full of your favourite characters and lots of fun; see Pinkie Pie try out babysitting; is it as easy as she thinks?


When it arrived I knew that Mouse would love it, she is a massive my little pony fan and would happily watch it all day. I thought that Monkey wouldn’t bother with it, being a boy who doesn’t like pink at all I thought he would make himself scarce when we put it on.
I was wrong, he settled down in front of the TV as soon as play was pressed. Both of them were enthralled – they watched it until bedtime and then asked if the could watch it again! Β 98HG7iQDGDHyV22h2SluR2RTAg2wdeigE5p_d4xIEw0

There is a bonus of free pin badges with the DVD, the episodes of are of the quality you would expect and I would recommend this for any My Little Pony fan!

I have a ‘My Little Pony – Friendship is magic’ DVD to offer to one of you, so to be in with a chance of winning it, follow the options on the Gleam Widget below. Good Luck!

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic


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  1. Tracy Nixon

    I love dogs!

  2. Tina Holmes

    Always loved dolphins. Something about them is magical.

  3. caroline walliss

    Macaw parrot

  4. Heather T

    Horses are my favourite

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    I love lions!

  6. Laura Petit-moi

    My favourite animal is the otter

  7. Stacey Tripconey

    Cats πŸ™‚

  8. laura banks

    ie always loved dolphins

  9. Helen Bennett

    Adore hedgehogs



  11. Victoria Prince


  12. Angela McDonald

    The Penguin is my favourite animal!

  13. helen tovell

    red panda

  14. Paula Readings

    I like The little fainting goats, cute.

  15. christine shelley

    Our whole family love meerkhats

  16. Adrian Crook


  17. Nikki Stewart

    I love orcas

  18. Lesley Bradley

    I’ve always loved tortoises

  19. Fiona Martin

    I love cats

  20. claire woods


  21. james rowlands


  22. sharlene speakman

    my favorite animal is a white tiger such an amazingly beautiful creature

  23. Karen Barrett


  24. Jo m welsh

    I love big cats like lions and tigers

  25. aj


  26. Kristy Brown

    I love cats

  27. Laura Linsey

    I’m not an animal lover but I am quite fascinated by crocodiles!

  28. Christine Caple

    I love meerkats.

  29. aaron broad

    My favourite animal is a frog

  30. Trudi Walsh


  31. Kelly L


  32. Michelle Banks

    i love meerkats!

  33. Patricia Avery

    I am a dog loving owlaholic πŸ™‚

  34. Ellen Stafford

    Dogs for sure πŸ™‚

  35. Stacey

    My favourite animals are pandas πŸ™‚ xx

  36. Samantha Atherton

    Turtles are my favorite

  37. Diana

    Monkeys are our favourite πŸ™‚

  38. Kerry Kilmister

    I love elephants

  39. rachael jones

    I love penguins !

  40. Jane Middleton


  41. Gillian Hutchison


  42. katie skeoch

    My border collie!

  43. Claire Ward

    I love penguins spent hours watching the at the zoo

  44. Vickie Jackson

    We love tortoises πŸ™‚

  45. Barbara Handley

    Cats. So loving and spoilt!

  46. Sarah Phillips

    Have two 5 year olds that are enormous fans! Our favourite animals are our 3 cats πŸ™‚

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