My Little Pony: The Crystal Empire Review

On Monday 18th January My Little Pony: The Crystal Empire was released on DVD and Digital Download, you will know a little bit about it from my competition post but now we have watched it a bit I thought I would share what we thought of it too!

Join Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle as they uncover a brand new kingdomimage002

You know we are massive fans of My Little Pony already, but I do wonder if because of this at some point we might be disappointed with it – after all we expect a lot from it!

When this new DVD arrived both Monkey and Mouse shouted in delight, I really thought the novelty of My Little Pony might wear off for Monkey but he continues to be as excited as ever by it. They literally couldn’t wait to watch it!IMG_1258

Deep in the arctic north of Equestria, the Crystal Empire has reawakened! The dark curse has lifted and this magical empire has finally returned, but now that it has been restored, how long will Equestria have left to enjoy it?

This is the first DVD out for season 3 and contains 7 episodes including the two-part ‘The Crystal Empire’. The children sat enthralled through it all and are more than happy to watch all 7 episodes in one go and then watch them all again straight after!

Yet again we were not disappointed – the stories were as brill as always and featured all our favourite characters (mine is Apple Jack by the way!).  It is well written and the animation is as fantastic as always. We would definitely recommend this DVD to be added to the collections of all My Little Pony fans

My Little pony is a family favourite here, it is something I grew up with and Mouse is a massive fan of watching it and playing with the toys, so I can see it being a feature here for quite a while to come!

It seems there is nothing better than snuggling up in your onesie after a long day at school to watch My Little Pony and that is exactly what they are doing right now as I type!


  1. Indeed! My daughter also love it and she will sit there forever to watch it. Brilliant show!

  2. This looks like a cute dvd with lots of fun stories to watch!

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