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IMG_5147I am not a very sporty person, I played (and enjoyed) netball and was good at hurdles in school, but I have lost the skill and the motivation as I have got older. I only really like to swim now and don’t get to do that very often.

What I do love doing is watching my children play and they love it; football, basketball and now cricket coming at the top of their favourites. This week saw the end of year ceremony for Monkey and the School basketball team. It was wonderful to see him so confident playing, even when he was doing training with the local professional basketball team (it was a treat for them all)!

Mouse came away with a medal too as she played a game when they were short on players and has been to every game to support. She is her brother’s biggest fan!



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  1. How brilliant, you must be very proud

    Thank you for linking up

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