Neon Workshop with SWATCH

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event and I don’t mind telling you that I was excited. I was excited as not only was it being held by SWATCH (a brand I love) but also because they were putting on a Neon Workshop!

I went along to One Thoresby Street (Artist Studios) in Nottingham and joined some other bloggers to learn about the history of Neon, take part in making a neon light and see the new Vibe Collection from Swatch.Photo 25-04-2018, 18 26 11The session started with a great introduction by Neon Workshops, it was really interesting listening to the history and learning things about the life of Neon, the environmental benefits, how to get the different colours and most importantly how to make our own Light!

I have always liked the thought of glass blowing/moulding so was excited to learn that we would be making our own Neon Light and to do that we would have to cut and bend some glass.

That long tube of glass in the first photo is where we started, we scored it and snapped it to make a length of glass that was workable. Then it was our job to heat it up and bend it. I enjoyed this so much, the feel of something solid becoming malleable, turning straight glass into something bended and interesting. I really enjoyed the workshop. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see my light in action!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.45.24The workshop was brilliant and they are accessible by anyone, check them out if you fancy having a go!

I felt very lucky to be included in this workshop and at the end as a massive bonus we were given our own Swatch from the Vibe Range to keep. The next post will give you a better look at the range and a review of my new Watch!

Photo 25-04-2018, 18 14 35

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