Not the first day of School

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 22.41.45Tomorrow is the first day of the new year at Monkey’s school. He is so excited to be going into Year 2. Surprisingly I didn’t need to buy too much new uniform for him, we had replaced shoes just before the summer (no choice, we couldn’t get anymore wear out of them), I picked up a couple of bits via click and collect and didn’t have any stress with uniform shopping, added to that we haven’t even needed to buy a lunch box due to the change in school dinners for infant children.

However, tonight I should still be one of the mums running around making sure that I have everything that a little one needs for her first day of school.  The uniform, the bags, the coat and the cuddles.

Yep Mouse should be starting school tomorrow, she should be going along with Monkey and making her journey into Reception, but she isn’t as we didn’t get the call to say she had a place.

We really thought it would happen, that some how she would get a place in the school, in fact we still believe it will, but we really thought we would get the call/email over the summer – it is upsetting that it hasn’t happened yet.

Lots of people have asked what we are going to do now, our answer is always the same….we will wait.

Of course, we still fight with the worry that we may have not done the right thing (you will have seen the thinking behind our decision here), we worry if it will have an effect on her in the long run and we are sad that she is sad at not starting with her friends.

Mouse does have the opportunity to go back to pre-school for a while, we have opted for her to do 2 full days to help prepare her for school when she does start, but we still feel that the school Monkey is at is the right school for her, so we will wait.

What would you do?


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  1. Oh Kel, it must feel really weird to see all the other little ones going off to start and she’s not joining them. I really hope that a place comes up for her soon!!

  2. It will happen, and it will not affect her. You will handle it brilliantly and she is only four. xxxxx

  3. It is such a difficult decision you have had to make but I am sure it is the right one for Mouse. I really hope you get that phone call soon so you can put this behind you and get on with school life xx

  4. I have my fingers crossed for you that something will work out. I’m sure Mouse wont be effected by it as she is still little, but it cant be easy.

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