Nottingham Comic Con

Last weekend saw Nottingham Comic Con’s 4th event; it is an event that hubby and I organised and run (with an awesome team of volunteers made up of family and friends who support our big ideas). This year was incredible, so many people have told us that they had a blast and that they can’t wait till next year.

The aim is to celebrate small press comics and individuals who are out there making their own, we have some professional artists join us too and we raise money for charity. It is an awesome day and so much fun. I am absolutely shattered from it but it is totally worth it.

In the future I am going to blog about some of the awesome artists we have with us and some of the comics I have discovered through doing this awesome event (I tell you 15 years ago I would have laughed if you said I would be interested in comics).

So for now, here is a small selection of photos from the day!

These are but a few photos, there are more. You will notice that some are by Tom and Charlotte Martin , they were the photographers for the day and did an amazing job – please do check them out!

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