Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Tacos Review

Mexican is very popular in our house and wraps come a very close second; Monkey and Mouse would prefer to have wraps than bread and would eat everything in a wrap if they could.

Fajitas feature on our weekly menu and we are fans of the Old El Paso range already. Old El Paso have re-launched it’s Stand ‘N’ Stuff Taco kits and we were very excited to give them a try.IMG_0400

It claims to be an easy midweek meal solution for hungry families and be tasty – will it live up to the test, I really hoe so! We got to making them, they are made in three simple steps, you literally cook your mince following the instructions on the flavour packet, prepare the rest and then fill your taco. I complicated it a little bit by adding onion into my mince (I love onion) and did a vege-mince version as well; It took about 20/30 minutes from starting to serve!

We were trying out the Smoky BBQ but there are two other flavours that also sound delicious (Extra Mild Super Tasty and Garlic and Paprika). Within the kit you get your flavour sachet, eight unique flat-bottomed shaped flour tortillas and some salsa. I cooked up some rice to go with it and prepared some salad to add to the tacos.

The soft tacos (Or ‘boats’ as Monkey and Mouse called them) are great, they pop them on the plate, stuff them with food (and i mean stuff them) and then pick them up and chomp on them!

The kits are great but you can get packs of the Boats on their own so you can fill them with all sorts, let the children get creative! I really want filled with fajita vegetables, mexican rice and some nachos – a whole meal in a boat!

So are they an easy midweek meal solution for hungry families and be tasty, well tasty is a definite yep and they definitely feed the family. So perfect midweek meal solution? Nah, I think they are perfect solution for any time of the week!

What do you think of the boats?


  1. These look fab, I love Mexican so would love to try these. Bet the children would have as much fun as yours did too!

  2. Love the boat! So interesting way to display your food. Yum yum.

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