Nov 03

On Angel Wings DVD Review and Giveaway

It is eight weeks until Christmas and we are excited! Monkey and Mouse are not bothered about Halloween and although we will have a great bonfire night, Christmas will be the next big thing in our house. I have started my shopping and we have started picking the Christmas DVDs off the shelf to watch.Β image005

On 2nd November ‘On Angel Wings’ (which was shown on BBC one last Christmas) will be released on DVD and Digital download; it is a lovely animated short film and we were lucky enough to have a sneak preview and it really kick started the Christmas Feeling.

On Angel Wings is a re-working of the nativity story based on the book by acclaimed author Michael MorpurgoΒ and from the executive producer of The Snowman and the director of Father Christmas.image003

“The story begins on a present day Christmas night. Rachel is eight and for the first time she is allowed to join her brothers and sister to visit their Grandfather Amos, as he carries out his annual ritual of a night in the hills, where he worked as a young shepherd boy.

Grandfather is delighted to see the children and a special bond is established between himself and Rachel. Like her, he was the youngest and was always getting in the way, struggling to do things better, fighting to be believed in. He tells them how she reminds him of a magical night and proceeds to recount how he was flown by the Angel Gabriel to become the first visitor to the newly-born Christ child, the Virgin Mary and Joseph”

Monkey and Mouse are really getting into the Christmas swing of things and were more than happy to sit down and watch a Christmassy themed DVD. Monkey stared at it throughout and said that he thought It was a really nice story! Mouse loved it and said it was amazing!

I loved that it kept their attention whilst I made tea and that they were both smiley after it, it is definitely a hit as they have asked to watch it again! It will be staying in the Christmas section of our films for quite a while to come I think!

I have the chance for one of you to win your own copy of ‘On Angel Wings’, all you have to do is enter using as many options as you would like on the gleam widget below! Good Luck.

On Angel Wings DVD


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  1. Jo Hutchinson

    Decorating the Christmas tree and making it sparkle.

  2. Tracy K Nixon

    I love decorating our home and seeing the decorations in the shops, town centre etc! Brightens up the darker days!

  3. Angela McDonald

    I love the whole Nostalgia of Christmas! Just the feelings you get knowing it’s coming, knowing the children are super excited helps too!

  4. Becca Staples

    That i get to spend more time with the family x

  5. iain maciver

    everything decorating ,presents,family food

  6. Clare Hubbard

    Watching my children unwrapping presents and spending time as a family

  7. laura banks

    getting to spend time with family

  8. Ruth Harwood

    Love getting together with the family

  9. Paula Readings

    The excitement on the children’s faces

  10. Jean Vaughan

    The family, which are spread around the country all come together at Christmas with as many of my old foster children who can make it as well. Fun, laughter and good food are the order of the day πŸ™‚

  11. Linda McGarrigle

    I love every year waiting desperately for snow xx

  12. Jo McPherson

    I love the build up to Christmas, so much fun the couple of weeks before the big day

  13. caroline walliss

    I love the family time and festive food.x

  14. ashleigh allan

    seeing the kids get excited!

  15. Ray Becker

    Christmas lunch

  16. Emily Austen

    Time off work, time with family, the cosy dark nights with houses lit up inside, food and drink πŸ™‚

  17. Louise Whittaker


  18. Michelle O'Neill

    that magical feeling!

  19. Jo m welsh

    All of it from the start of putting up the tree to having family round still in the days after Christmas

  20. Katie skeoch

    All the family getting together & watching people open their presents

  21. Lynsey Buchanan

    I love spending lots of quality time with my family

  22. Mummy of Two + 1

    Spending time with family

  23. Rich Tyler

    Travelling to DEVON to see my family πŸ™‚

  24. Diana

    All family together πŸ™‚

  25. Joanna Sawka

    delicious food

  26. Jade Hewlett

    Spending time with family and giving presents

  27. Victoria Prince

    I love everything πŸ™‚ just the whole atmosphere is magical – my favourite time of year. The music, the lights, time spent with family, the shopping….just everything!

  28. kim neville

    The run up to Christmas and kids getting excited

  29. Gem Cook

    Waking up on Christmas day and seeing our kids faces light up knowing that Santa has been, it melts my heart.. x

  30. janine atkin

    time off work!

  31. Barbara Handley

    I love spending the day with my grandchildren and watching them open their presents.

  32. Ellen Stafford

    Spending time with the family x

  33. Kerry W


  34. Vickie Jackson

    I love everything…. I’m like a coiled spring at Christmas and my kids are getting more aware of it this year so I can’t wait for Christmas Eve when they go to bed and I can get magical things ready for the morning πŸ™‚

  35. Alison Clark

    I like christmas as its 1 of the only times of the year the family are all together for a couple of days – wherever we are in the world we all stop what we are doing and put family time first.

  36. Andrew Hindley

    I like having all the family together at Christmas


    Like playing games with family.

  38. Natalie Crossan

    Guilt free food treats πŸ™‚

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