One of those questions!

Tonight after Monkey had brushed his teeth and washed his face, we snuggled up on the bed sofa to read his bedtime story.

So we snuggled up and Monkey had chosen the story of the nativity including Jesus’s birth to read “as it is nearly Christmas”! We have a lovely book, where it is just pictures and you tell the story your way!


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So this is how the conversation went…..

Me ” Mary went into the stable and said “err excuse me Joseph but I think the baby is coming” (in a very british posh accent – I don’t know why!?) and then  “Mary laid down and baby Jesus came out of her tummy and he was born!”

Monkey “Wow! How?!”

Me “Errrr How What?”

Monkey “How did he come out?”

Me “a very special way”

Monkey ” Ooooh, erm HOW?!”

Me “Well, how do you think it happens!?” (My theory was he is very clever and could probably work it out himself, you know as he is five and soooo grown up!)

Monkey “well, probably just pops out” (with full gestures of baby exploding out of the tummy, like a scene from Alien).

Panic sets in, should I leave it there?! Nope, I can’t, my conscience won’t let me – I don’t really want to go into the truth, but I don’t want him to believe something that far from the truth and traumatic either!

So I say….”How about I tell you when you are a bit older?!”

Monkey “I think I will believe you now”

Me “well, if you are still asking at Christmas I will tell you, let’s read on”.

Damn! I thought I had got away with it, until I realised that Christmas is two weeks tomorrow and actually Monkey is very bright and he may not mention it again until Christmas Day, but I fear he will….probably at the Christmas table, when Granny and Grampsy are sat around!

I will have to tell him too, because we are teaching him to do what he says he will, so I can’t say I will tell him and then now!  So now I am dreading it!

When did you tell yours? Is 5 (nearly 6) too young to know?!


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  1. haha oh dear!! mine have not asked yet luckily!

    1. Lucky you! Conversation gone quiet here, but I am not letting my guard down yet!

  2. Uh Oh. 6yo in fact told me where they come out from whilst we were walking out of school to the car one day a couple of months ago.
    I had no choice but to go with it and asked her the questions and corrected her in certain places. But she told me it hurts a lot and she wont be having one until she’s a lot older! That’s good then!

    1. OOo where did she hear about it? School? Friend?
      Pleased the conversation went well for you!

  3. Mine hasn’t asked yet but I don’t think it will be long until we start getting these questions! Good luck!

    1. Thank you, and to you when it starts!

  4. I have this joy to come!

    1. *Nods* Yes, Yes you do!

  5. my son had asked before! told him but he dun understand. so i told him too bad! lol

    1. 🙂 Haha

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