One week to go!

There is one week to go! Yep, one week, 7 days, until……big boy school!

Yep, our little boy is starting school a week today! Are we ready? Well, he is! Can’t wait, he wants to wear his new shoes constantly, wants to see his new lunch box, keeps saying ‘is it tomorrow?’ and looks so grown up in his uniform it makes mummy want to cry!

Is Mummy ready? Yes and No, I am ready because we have the stuff, I am ready because I know how good it will be for Legs and I am ready because I know how much he wants to go!  But, (yep always a but), I am nervous because he doesn’t really know the children he is going with as we only recently moved to the area, I am worried that kids can be really mean sometimes and I am not there to protect him, I am sad that my little boy is growing up so fast and I am scared because maybe he won’t need me as much any more!

On a positive note though I am so proud that he is raring to go, I am proud that he loves to learn and feels confident enough to ask questions and explore, I am proud that he is a kind boy and doesn’t like others to be upset or hurt , I am proud he is nice to others and I am so proud that he is growing up into a little man who will achieve so much and every day reminds us how awesome he is!

I am nervous, but I am ready! Our little boy is about to start his education journey, and I have no doubt in my mind that he will do brilliantly, that he will enjoy it and he will make his Mummy and Daddy so proud!

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