kel-blogheaderSometimes opportunities come up and you know that they are yours to take, sometimes they come up and you instantly know that they are not for you! The third thing that can happen is that one comes up and you believe that it is yours, you believe that maybe this time your cards have come up and then something happens and actually it isn’t!

You are probably guessing that is what has happened to me this week.

I was offered something amazing, an opportunity that was actually so good that for a minute I thought, nope that is far too good for me! But then I let myself think ‘actually they have offered me it because it is mine’, I dreamed that I was about to take a scary but awesome step!

But then it happened, I was told I couldn’t do it, couldn’t experience the opportunity, couldn’t taste a different perspective on my life or on the life for my family! (Sorry to be so cryptic).

I have had a day of sadness (well more distraughtness – and yes I know that isn’t a real word), I have had a day of anger, followed by today, which was one that had a feeling a being defeated.

But, I need to move on, I need to face the fact that the opportunity has gone, that what was put in my way was done and can’t be changed.  I have to accept that I will never agree with what was done, I have to accept I will not be changing anything just yet!

What I am not going to accept is that it couldn’t have been mine, that I didn’t deserve it and that there isn’t an opportunity like it out there that I will have!

Somebody said to me today, ‘Do you think you are aiming too low?’ ‘Do you think that the fact you were offered that, that maybe you should be looking at higher overall for yourself?’………

Hmmmm food for thought hey?!


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  1. yes indeed kelly, perhaps this one has missed you for now because there is something even better in store! you never know whats round the corner! 😀

  2. So sorry that the oppoturnity was snatched away from you. I love how you are looking for the lesson in this and I hope that the fact it was a possibility helps you aim higher in future. Big hugs though because disappointment and a lost opportunity is not easy x

  3. yes it was good but not ideal. The next one will be better. xx

  4. I think distraughtness is a great word. Why not aim high, go for it.

    I used to work as an ad-hoc sub-contractor training people for the NHS. At one point in 2005 I had to interview for a £26k job and we didn’t find a suitable applicant. I didn’t apply because I thought you had to be degree level educated. It was only a year later that the department head said she’d expected me to get that job and couldn’t believe I hadn’t applied. Expect nothing, but it does no harm to reach for anything you want x

  5. Something better will be just around the corner x

  6. I honestly believe that things happen for a reason and although you may be feeling really upset there will be something better for you very, very soon xxx

  7. Gutted for you, but I’m a strong believer in fate, and everything happening for a reason – wait and see what’s around the corner x

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