Jul 09

Organic Buko Coconut Water – Competition

“Coconut water has taken the UK by storm over the last few years, so for a new brand to make an impact would take something special. Buko Organic Coconut Water believe they’ve got what it takes however with their eco-friendly offering”

I hadn’t tried coconut water before but have heard lots of good things about it so when offered a taster I was happy to say yes. Buko has only one ingredient, it is made from 100% pure organic coconut water. It is sweet, pure and refreshing!11722010_10152871391071780_370938950_n

The term ‘buko’ refers to young green coconuts in the Philippines, known for their naturally sweeter and fresher coconut water, and Buko believe, that by ensuring the coconuts they use are organic and avoiding all additives and preservatives, they have produced a delicious pure drink that will have even the most die-hard coconut water sceptics converted.

There are loads of health benefits; it is Full of essential vitamins and minerals, it is a great source of potassium and it aids digestion, cleanses the skin, and improves circulation.

Buko are looking to help more than just the health of those who drink it. The brand have teamed up with Cuipo, an environmental organisation, such that for every carton of drink bought one meter of rainforest is saved. You will even find a unique code on every carton, which can be entered online to find out exactly where the metre of rainforest you’ve saved is!20150708_150600Now there is a chance for you to get your hands on some Buko Organic Coconut Water, so if you haven’t tried coconut water before or just fancy trying something new; follow the Gleam widget below to have a chance to win!

Buko Coconut Water


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  1. laura banks

    ive never actually seen it anywhere so not tried it

  2. Dawn Wilkinson

    No, not tried coconut water other than from out of a coconut when I was a child.

  3. Petra Beck

    Yes I had coconut water before and love it, it is so refreshing and – most importantly – not sweet like so many other soft drinks. I often buy it at health shops, but only when it’s on special offer 😉

  4. Helen Battle

    I’ve had it before and love it!

  5. Michelle Banks

    i havent, but i love coconuts x

  6. Victoria N

    I’ve never tried it but am intrigued as so many people have had positive things to say about i

  7. Martina Pichova

    I have – only once (and a few times straight from a coconut) – I love the taste.

  8. Angela McDonald

    I’ve tried it before and it’s delicious and refreshing!

  9. Chris Davies

    Yes I have, yesterday! I love it!

  10. sarah evans

    yes i use it to make smoothies its very refreshing

  11. Andrew Petrie

    No , I’ve never tried it.

  12. claire woods

    I’ve not tried it but hubby has.

  13. Hassina Begum

    yes. It’s taste lovely

  14. Peter Webster

    Love this !

  15. Janet Dring

    I’ve never tried it before

  16. Rachel Sanders

    I’ve not tried it yet, but you do make it sound good.

  17. Gemms

    I try to drink coconut water must days as its fat free, helps with bloating and helps keep my IBS under control.

  18. Zoe G

    I haven’t but would love to try

  19. Sophia M

    I’ve tried coconut water. It’s delicious.

  20. Eleanor

    Yep, and I absolutely love it!

  21. Holly Gibson

    Nope but I’d love to!

  22. Graeme

    I have tried it once before but not this brand. I’d like to try it though.

  23. Sarah Keer

    love coconut water in my smoothies

  24. Kim M

    No, but would love to try it

  25. Maxine G

    Hi, yes, it’s lovely isn’t it? I add it to smoothies (and cocktails!) as it tastes delicious!

  26. Keturah M

    Being half Filipino I was pretty much brought up on the stuff. Whenever I holiday there I’m straight down to the local market to get myself some fresh buko juice. Or even better: picking the coconut straight from the tree.

    I’m glad coconut water is starting to become a thing over here now, it’s so good.

  27. Katie Weatherley

    I’ve never tried coconut water before! My sister has it and says its amazing, so I’m keen to try it.

  28. Stephanie Tsang

    I have never tried coconut water before.

  29. Emily Knight

    Yep, I love coconut water! Tastes great and seems to rehydrate me far quicker than water!

  30. gemma brown

    i have , but it was a different brand. i did enjoy it though and would love to give these a try

  31. Samantha loughlin

    Would love to try

  32. Nat Thomason

    Love the taste and it’s natural .

  33. Sarah Wyatt

    Never tried it but sounds nice.

  34. Megan Kinsey

    yes and I love it!

  35. Ashleigh Allan

    Yes its lovely!

  36. Jo m welsh

    No I’ve never tried it

  37. Sheri Darby

    No I haven’t tried it yet

  38. kim neville

    No I have never tried before

  39. Karen Richards

    Never tried. Would like to but heard it’s an acquired taste. Can only seem to find large bottles.

  40. SandraB

    I have never tried it.

  41. Sarah E

    Been drinking VitaCoco but looking for alternatives!

  42. Rich Tyler

    Yes, I love it, just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

  43. Kristyn Harris

    I haven’t tried coconut water before, but I’d love to try it 🙂

  44. Diana

    I tried just the one that comes straight out of coconut and I did love it 🙂

  45. Gail Reid

    Only from a coconut when I was about 8 and I hated it.. but I hated a lot of healthy things way back then lol

  46. Karen R

    I’ve never tried coconut water before, but I’d like to try 🙂

  47. Cheryl Kean

    I’ve never tried it before x

  48. jane steels

    I’ve never tried Coconut water before.


    its gorgeous, scrumptious, moreish!

  50. Barbara Handley

    I did use it in a homemade fruit juice earlier this year. Planning to use it more this summer.

  51. Emma Whittaker

    We have had coconut water before it’s a favorite in our house 🙂

  52. Katie Kingsbury

    Yes, I love it. Refreshing and light but with a subtle sweet flavour. I use it in smoothies or to rehydrate after a swim.

  53. Gillian Hutchison

    yes – had it a few times. Its very refreshing

  54. Katy Malkin

    Never! Just heard lots of good things x

  55. katrina walsh

    Ive never tried it but it sounds deliciously healthy!

  56. Lisa Wilkinson

    Yes and it’s really refreshing.

  57. Gillian Holmes

    Yes I have

  58. Nancy Bradford

    I’ve tried it, loved it and would love to win this. It is quite expensive so I only really have it as a healthy treat.

  59. Gilla01

    I’ve tried it and love it.

  60. Emma Carvell

    Yes, I drink it every day!

  61. Kristy Brown

    I have never tried coconut water

  62. lindsay chadburn

    i love coconut water its delicious

  63. Sarah Lee

    I’ve had it before and love it!

  64. Sheila Reeves

    I have never tried coconut water, heard great things about it though

  65. Sarah Parker

    I haven’t tried it 🙂

  66. helen newton

    I have had Coconut water before it is sooooo refreshing and nice , the only thing is that I find it quite expensive , so only have now and again as a little treat ♥♥ Fingers Crossed ♥♥

  67. Harriet Higgs

    Not tried but I’d definitely like to!

  68. Linda Harrickie

    I have tried the Vita Coco coconut water and loved it so hopefully yours will taste even better!

  69. Sammi McSporran

    I adore coconut water! I would drink nothing but coconut water if it wasnt so expensive!

  70. M Allen

    Not from a carton, just straight from the nut. Lovely, though.

  71. emma kinsey

    yes and love it

  72. Tracey Tedford

    Never tried it

  73. Fiona K

    Yes, both from a carton and direct from the coconut. delicious either way.

  74. Chris S

    I have tried it and really enjoyed it. I buy when it’s on offer as it’s quite pricey!!

  75. Ingrid W

    Love it. An organic option coming out is fantastic!

  76. Helen Craigs

    Yes, I’ve tried coconut water on its own and as a base for smoothies – I love it but it’s a bit of a treat as it’s quite expensive!

  77. Vickie Jackson

    I’ve not had it before, but I’m sure it would be lovely to try 🙂

  78. Wes

    Wouldn’t mind trying this

  79. melissa hall

    yes, loved it!

  80. Natalie Crossan

    It’s so delicious x

  81. Karis

    Yes, I have tried it before.

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