Our Family

moolbootsAgent Name: Mummy

AKA: Kel, Moolboots

Enlisted: Once upon a time

Likes: Cheese, Writing, Necklaces, Books, Black Forest Gateaux, Mexican food and Red Wine

Dislikes: Rudeness, Bullying, Mushrooms and the phrase ‘charity starts at home’

Special Power: One Woman – Many Roles! Mum, Wife, Worker, Blogger, Volunteer, Writer, and School Club Supporter

kev_avatar_webAgent Name: Daddy

AKA: OH or Hubby

Enlisted: In a galaxy far, far away

Likes: Comics, Super-heros, Drawing, Football, Basketball, Popcorn and being a Geek!

Dislikes:  Stilton, Gardening, DIY and people wearing odd socks

Special Powers:  Super strength to scoop up a child when needed, tickling powers and an incredible ability to produce awesome art!

IMG_7031-682x1024Agent Name: Monkey

Enlisted: 2008 (Been spying for 10 years)

Likes: Construction, Drawing, Football, Maths, being outdoors, Cuddles and his scooter

Loves: Basketball, Comics, books and Video Games

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Kisses, being cold and having a girlie plate at meal times!

Special Powers:  A laugh that is infectious and a memory for remembering things you said weeks ago! Incredible jumping, turning and dodging skills.

Agent Name:

Enlisted: 2010 (Been undercover for 8 years)

Likes: Jumping, Climbing, Running, Digging, Singing, Showering and kisses!

Loves: Football, Basketball, Swimming

Dislikes: Rice Pudding, Giant Rabbits (the costume kind) and staying in bed in the morning

Special Powers: A giggle to melt the hardest hearts, a cry to send even a grown man quivering and an ability to find anything


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  1. Rebecca Smith

    Love how this is set out would look fantastic printed and framed on a wall

  2. Jade Missy Evans

    I love your introduction!

  3. Emily Austen

    Love these decriptions 😀

  4. Judith Luscombe

    Ha ha you’re a lovely family.

  5. Mandy Hamilton

    Your introduction is brilliant

  6. Margaret Abram

    Love this!

  7. Kelly Cooper

    Great introduction and love the lay out

  8. bella smyth

    Haha love the way you sum up your family 🙂

  9. Harline parkin

    Lovely thank you I love a good introduction gets to know someone a little better

  10. Harline parkin

    Thank you for sharing I like to get to know about people

  11. Margaret Clarkson

    I love these family introductions. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Susan B

    Lovely! The best blogger’s family intro I have seen.

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