Ozeri MODERNA Artisan Series Glasses

I was sent some Ozeri MODERNA Artisan Series Glasses to give a test run. I wasn’t sure about the prospect of drinking hot drinks out of a glass but I was willing to give it a go! 20150831_113006

They are made from a seemingly thin, light glass which is actually really durable and heat-resistant;  Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass and is shatter-resistant – something very handy in a household where glasses seem to have a very short life time! 20150831_113647

I am a little bit of a coffee addict so thought it was only natural to try the glasses with a Caramel Latte, the glasses gave off a little coffee shop feel and really did remain cool to touch, there were no problems with being too hot to handle! The glasses have dimples for easy gripping and the lip in the right size for no slurping or spilling!

Monkey and Mouse even got in on the act using the glasses for their hot chocolates; because of how light they are I had no worries about whether they were able to hold them and the fact that they are shatter proof means it wouldn’t matter if they dropped them. 20150831_113942

As an added bonus The MODERNA glasses are completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. They are an all round great glass and we will definitely be using them regularly. They are available from Amazon and Amazon Spain!


  1. They are great! We used it with cocktail. Look great!

  2. These look great, we had some a while ago and they are good to use when guests come round as they look a little bit special.

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