Jul 27

My favourite shoes from Hotter

So last year I went to an amazing event held by Hotter Shoes in Derby, sadly i didn’t get to tell you about it because of various reasons I won’t go into. However, I want to tell you about it now…in fact I NEED to tell you about it now, because that day I didn’t only enjoy the event, I didn’t only have a ‘hotter moment’ but I discovered my favourite shoes.Photo 05-09-2016, 18 26 20

Now I have mentioned a few times before that I am not really a ‘shoe girl’, I don’t really like shoe shopping and I tend to migrate towards trainers because I know they work for me!

The event in Derby was fantastic; the staff from Hotter were lovely and they really know how to look after a girl and make her feel comfortable when she is well and truly outside of her Comfort Zone! Of course the delicious nibbles and drinks helped too! Photo 05-09-2016, 18 34 17The thing that always surprises me about Hotter is that they have a wide range of shoes they have that suit a wide range of people! I know they have a bit of a reputation for being for the older lady (I used to believe this too) and in one sense they are, because they cater for the older lady…as well as the younger lady and the middle of the road aged lady too!!

In fact they don’t just cater for the lady, they also cater for the MAN!! Yep, they have a range of men’s shoes too!

I am really impressed with the choice of styles and the choice of colours! During the event we checked out their ‘originals‘ range, i love that they still hail back to their routes and have this range available, the styles have been picked by the founder Stewart Houlgrave as the much-loved styles that are the true embodiment of their Comfort Concept.

They have so many fab ranges and I am particularly drawn to the Active (well that is where we find the trainers)! I tried on every pair of trainers in the shop and found my Hotter Moment with the Dart trainer (in Black). Photo 05-09-2016, 18 36 02Honestly these are the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned, they felt like slippers…in fact even more comfortable than slippers; it felt like I wasn’t wearing any shoes – which is actually my preference, I don’t really like my feet feeling constricted! If I had told you about them when I first got them I would have said how cool they look, how comfortable they felt on and how I was very excited to wear them.Photo 05-09-2016, 19 28 11What I can tell you now after having a them for a few months is that I have worn my trainers almost everyday since I have had them. They don’t just feel comfortable when you put them on, they remain comfortable the entire time I am wearing them. I have worn them to work for full days and they have been great, I spend time walking to places and with children in my job so comfort is priority and these have not let me down.

I have worn them for days out, playing sport with the kids, to go to the shops…the list goes on! They are still going strong, several months later and I am sure they are going to last quite a bit longer. I love them and will be buying my next pair of shoes (trainers or otherwise) from Hotter! I would recommend them for choice, for their customer service, for how the shoes last and for the comfort!

Jul 23

My Sunday Photo

Photo 22-07-2017, 15 19 12We had a lovely family day out yesterday at Wheelgate Park in Nottingham, this was just one of the photos that made me smile! There was so much fun, a lot of giggles, much exploring and just generally a day that created amazing memories!


Jul 09

My Photo from the Week

IMG_5356The balloons we got from the very impressive Smudgy the Clown at Nottingham’s Independants Festival! So much talent on show and so much fun had!


Jul 07


As we are coming to the end of term, it is funny looking back at the trends that have filled the year; the DAB, bottle flipping and the fidget spinner. The real question is ‘Will the MOKURU be the next one?’19807423_10159047396510445_565176905_o

The MOKURU is the latest craze from Japan so I am sure that it won’t take long to catch on here. It is a handheld wooden toy that was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus and now it is testing the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere.19807889_10159047396465445_1677612082_o

The MOKURU is crafted out of beech wood which gives it a really nice look and feel, it is a good size and is small enough to fit into a pocket (so can go anywhere).

Originally designed as a desk toy, it is great to fidget with, fiddle with and play with; then as you become a MOKURU master you can learn show off your skills and maybe even use more than one at once!

It isn’t easy to get straight away, although to be able to flip it or spin it has come quickly. Like anything practice makes perfect and the more you play the more you can do! I did worry it it would become frustrating (especially for the children) if we didn’t pick it up easily, but it really hasn’t.

There is the addictive factor of other crazes and it almost feels like a challenge to yourself to beat how well you did it the time before that you just keep going! I have even found myself fiddling with it when I hadn’t realised.19727377_10159052296705445_171097675_oThese will retail at £9.99 and are available from both Smyths and Amazon, however there are a lot of fakes out there too so ensure you get the real thing if you are wanting to buy them! You can see more videos over on their Facebook page – see the experts in action!


Jun 25

My Sunday photo

IMG_5147I am not a very sporty person, I played (and enjoyed) netball and was good at hurdles in school, but I have lost the skill and the motivation as I have got older. I only really like to swim now and don’t get to do that very often.

What I do love doing is watching my children play and they love it; football, basketball and now cricket coming at the top of their favourites. This week saw the end of year ceremony for Monkey and the School basketball team. It was wonderful to see him so confident playing, even when he was doing training with the local professional basketball team (it was a treat for them all)!

Mouse came away with a medal too as she played a game when they were short on players and has been to every game to support. She is her brother’s biggest fan!



Jun 13

Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket Review

We are always on the look out for things that the whole family can enjoy – no matter what their age. We had a weekend recently where we were getting together with my mum and her husband, my brother and our nephew; add in the four of us and you get a right group of mixed ages.

We took along the Air Hogs Jet Rocket that we had been asked to review in the hope we could have some fun with it (or in the very least that the young ones could entertain us older folk!).image00003In the box you get everything you need to play; you get the rocket, the stand, an air pipe and the pressure pad.  It is really easy to set up and has instructions that are super easy to follow too (the Monkey could definitely do it alone at 9 years old and I think Mouse w at 7 years would be fine too).image00007.1The kids were eager to get playing and they quickly devised a game where they took it in turns to be the ‘launcher’ and then everyone (and I mean everyone in the close vicinity!) had to try and catch it!

It was very surprising how high the rocket went when launched, we were really impressed – it really gave a challenge to the game! There were a few times the rocket landed in a place where a chair/ladder and a long stick were needed to retrieve it!

It was lovely to see so many smiles whilst the kids play; however they decided that they didn’t want to keep all the fun to themselves and instructed that everyone needed to play and have the fun of being the captain of the rocket!! So the grandparents were instructed to get involved (in fact the parents and the uncle were too but there is no photographic evidence of that). We played the game of launch and catch for well over an hour and there were lots of giggles.

The toy itself is very sturdy, even though it has been through the test of different ages, genders and sizes of people it is still going strong! The rocket itself has landed on concrete, wood, grass and a roof or two and is still in perfect flying condition, with a few very small markings on the tip.

I love simple to set up and simple to play games and this one is both. It is very much loved and it travels around in the boot of the car ready to be got out and played with wherever we are! I also love that it has brought fun to many members of the family.

We think this is great to buy for yourself or as a gift for others and at £9.99 it is a reasonable price too!

May 26

A trip to Birmingham and Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

We are looking forward to spending a nice weekend as a family, ending with a Bank Holiday Monday. Whilst we plan what to do, it has me looking back to the Bank Holiday at the beginning of the month.

It was an early morning as we packed the car with coats and sweets and we set off on a road trip to Birmingham. We really like Birmingham, It is somewhere we have visited a few times as it is not too far away and we have always enjoyed it.   The kids were very excited as we had tickets to a meet and greet with Tiana from the You Tube Channel ‘Toys and Me’ –  to meet a ‘real life’ you tuber your own age is apparently the best thing ever!!

The reason Tiana was in The Entertainer in Birmingham was to launch the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles; a collectible toy that you hatch yourself.  Tiana is a popular young lady so there was quite a bit of queuing time, but queue we did and the kids then got to sit with Tiana and have a photo!

Both Monkey and Mouse were happy to walk away with a Hatchimal CollEGGtible Blind bag, they could not wait to get it hatched and find out which new friend was inside. Inside the blind bag you get one Egg (there are other pack sizes available too). You hatch the Egg by rubbing the heart until it turns from purple to pink, then you press gently and the egg cracks.

Once you have opened you can find out who you have, there are over 70 to collect and each one belongs to their own little family. The bottom of the egg can be used as a nest/stand for the CollEGGtible.

After we had discovered who our new companions were we headed off for a walk around Birmingham City Centre and the Bullring. We had fun looking around the area and the shops, taking photos and generally having a giggle!Photo 01-05-2017, 17 34 36

We then finished our day sight-seeing, shopping and dropping, we headed home tired but content and a great Bank Holiday had by all!

May 24


Words still fail me.  At this time I can’t add anything new to what has been said by thousands already, so sad and something I will never understand.

I am thinking of (and will continue to do so) all those who have lost loved ones, those who are injured, those who were there and families and friends of all involved.

Thank you to the people who ran towards the arena to help, the emergency services (both on and off duty), people who were just nearby, taxi drivers, hotels, workers, parents of others that were there – you are amazing! 18644721_10158813036920445_540201138_n

Apr 19

Review of Craftbox Fairy Charm jewellery

The last two weeks of March is majorly busy for us, often including entertaining various children because both the Monkey and the Mouse have their birthdays within 3 days of each other. On the lookout for craft items at Mouse’s request for her birthday tea party, I was over the moon to be offered the Fairy Charm Jewellery kit to try!
Photo 25-03-2017, 09 32 13 (1)The Craftbox kit from Interplay contains all you need to make some fab jewellery; 5m Stretch Cord, 10 Clasp beads, 5 clasps, 12 key ring, 8 Metal Fairy Charms, 4 Enamelled Fairy Charm and 320 beads of various shapes and colours. The colours (pink, purple, fuchsia, green and silver) within the set are gorgeous and really go well together, Mouse was very excited about the set. Photo 25-03-2017, 12 14 20The stretch cord is pink and perfect for threading the beads on, Mouse, her friends and Monkey (yes even Monkey joined in) all found the threading easy and had a lot of fun making different patterns on their own creations. It is suggested that you can make up to 10 pieces of fabulous jewellery, this is dependant on what you make (whether you choose keyrings, necklaces or bracelets) as you cut your own lengths of cord and you may be able to make a little more than 10!Photo 07-04-2017, 17 07 30The charms are lovely and although it is a fairy set there are other charms too, some are coloured, some are plain silver, all are very pretty! I was surprised if I am honest, that Monkey wanted to join in – I thought that the colours and charms may be too girly for him, but he was very happy with the horse charm he chose for his first piece and he says the colours are great for jewellery.Photo 25-03-2017, 09 32 17I am impressed with the kit, it kept the children entertained, they made something they could keep and they found it simple to use. It created conversation about what they were making and what they were using to do it. The kids have had great fun with this set and have been asking whether there are other sets with different colours and charms (which there are by the way, I have my eye on the snow fairy and the mermaid sets). We have necklaces and bracelets so far and even Smiley has a new collar!

Photo 07-04-2017, 17 12 30

We would buy this set again for us to play with or would buy as a gift for others, it is lovely and has brought lots of smiles! We would definitely recommend to others. Our groups of children 6 years plus all found it great to play with and simple to do!

Mar 31

Ten Years Married

Thirteen and a half years ago the Hubby and I got together, I would like to say it was a story of Romance but we were young and it was more of a story of two people being the same but different and falling together in a weird twist of fate.

Ten Years ago today we were married – at this time on that day I would have been on my way, all dressed in white feeling like a princess. I was nervous, not nervous about getting married – I knew I was doing the right thing there. I was nervous about whether my loved ones had found the church, whether I would trip walking down the aisle and whether people would have a nice time.  IMG_1607We have had loads of adventures over the years; we have been to new places together, experienced new things together and grown together. Now I am not saying it is has been easy, because it hasn’t (there have been easy times but some times quite the opposite too).  I don’t think it is supposed to be easy though. If it is too easy then you don’t try and if there is no try then you have lost your drive!

“Nobody said it’s be easy, they just promised it would be worth it”

– Anonymous

Some of my best moments through the years may seem simple to others; walking in the rain because we caught the wrong bus, dressing up as various things (the tube station ‘elephant and castle’ being a funny one) for parties, having silly sayings because they made us laugh but meant nothing to others. Fancy dress usWe have added to the family….twice! We have been blessed with two fantastic children who brighten our lives daily. A young man who is full of love and wants to bring justice to the world and our little lady who cares about anyone and always wants to make sure people are ok. 1929588_12093470780_2618_nWe are having new adventures all the time and will continue with ‘firsts’ together, the children bring many firsts into our lives and we will continue to go to new places and do new things as we have done so far.

We have been through lots of good and some bad (not going to talk about the bad though as this is a happy post) – the trips we have taken, the change of jobs, moving house, fighting for schools and putting on a comic con are all things I am proud of.

I am so glad we are doing life together, here is to ten more years!1385616_10153329443125445_642237043_n

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